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New Book Release by Dennis N. Griffin: SURVIVORS


Survivors combines investigative journalism and real cases by investigators and families to highlight the growing number of unsolved cases, issues with police transparency, and cases where corruption interrupts due diligence.

AlyBlue Media announces the release of a startling new book by retired investigator and award-winning author Dennis N. Griffin.


According to, the national clearance rate for homicide today is 64.1%. Fifty years ago, it was more than 90%. Survivors brings systemic issues to the forefront along with strategies of how constituencies can work together to reduce this statistic and give families hope for resolution.

“Survivors serves to expose the shortcomings in our justice system,” states Larry Young. His daughter Molly died in 2012 from a gunshot wound in the apartment of her boyfriend, who was a police dispatcher at the time. Molly’s case has riveted a nation frustrated with police transparency and difficulty obtaining documents related to investigations.

“Survivors depicts the dire need for improved and innovative investigative strategies,” states Dr. Sarah Stein, an expert on the Missing White Woman Syndrome and co-founder for The Center for the Resolution of Unresolved Crime.

Retired after a 20-year career in New York law enforcement, Griffin now wages a battle behind the blue line to bring about policy reform. He founded The Transparency Project to help families of suspicious death victims gain access to police records related to their loved one’s case, and help them navigate a flawed justice system.

Author of 8 mystery-thrillers and 9 true crime books including Surviving the Mob, Griffin hosts two popular podcasts, Crime Wire and The Transparency Project Radio Show. He also serves as a consultant, matching true crime movie and documentary producers, writers, and event coordinators with potential technical consultants and speakers.

Survivors is currently available on Amazon, with paperback and digital editions available soon in all bookstores. Learn more at

Order SURVIVORS (*all profits from SURVIVORS is donated to victim advocacy organizations)

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