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The New Skinny on Podcasting


The renaissance is real. Podcasting is on the rise.

Several years ago, the word podcast was tossed into the online market, but not too many people understood exactly what it meant. What did we call audio news and entertainment in the beginning? Internet radio, or streaming radio, was used because the word radio was known and accepted by everyone, as was the concept. There were few platforms on which to record, and most shows were live with chatrooms and loyal followers.

Listeners fell off, hosts lost interest, and online radio fell out of favor to more time spent on social media and the rise of video content. It seemed the public was able to get what they wanted faster through social media than waiting for details from a radio show.

Today, not only has the verbiage transformed, but the whole concept of podcasting pivoted and revamped streaming audio content. Podcasting is back with a vengeance and as technology improves, more platforms have been created, and it’s easier to produce and host a quality podcast.

With the success of podcasts like Serial and This American Life, newly formed networks started nabbing quality programming for their stable of programming.

Along with networks, podcast directories offering different ways to listen have become part of the landscape. A podcast can be distributed by several platforms, with iTunes/Apple Podcasts being the big gun in the game and we can’t overlook others like Stitcher, Castbox, Player.FM and Spreaker which are valuable ways to gain more potential listeners.

….podcasting, as a medium, has huge growth potential. According to a March 2017 report by Edison Research and Triton Digital, the percent of population that listens to podcasts nearly doubled (8% to 15%) from 2014 to 2017. And there’s plenty of room for more growth because, according to NPR, about half the potential audience doesn’t even know that podcasts exist. –Inc.Com

The transformation of consuming media

Podcasting pitched its net wide when it comes to content variety. With citizen journalists, celebrities, and mainstream media outlets, one can listen to news and opinions; audio blogging allows the written word to be heard, and fictional storytelling has created an intimate, old fashioned way to be entertained.

The renewed appeal of podcasting compliments other forms of media like books, video, and music. The population who enjoys on demand streaming networks like Netflix are integral to the popularity of podcasts and the ability to listen on the go using your phone or other devices.

While most podcasters receive little to no money for their efforts, there is an upsurge in sponsorships and advertisers willing to take a chance on a successful podcast allowing hosts the possibility of making a living. Sites like Patreon and others entitle artists to recruit subscribers for a price and exclusive offerings.

Podcasting has only hit the tip of the revenue iceberg, with mainstream advertisers yet to jump on board in a big way. The market will be competitive and quality of content will reign supreme.

“Podcast sponsorship revenue is growing just like the audience is growing,” said Neal Carruth, general manager of podcasts for National Public Radio, a key player in podcasting. –Phys.Org

Whether you are a listener, or hosting a podcast, the future holds promise as topics and subject matter continue to offer a broad range to choose from.

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Just like authors live for good reviews, podcasters rely on ratings and reviews as well. Be sure to take a minute and let your favorites know you like them!


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