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Quantity v. Quality in Social Media Marketing, Do Your Followers Care?

Quantity vs Quality

Social Media Today comment:

The quality of a social media campaign can be directly linked to how much business the campaign is generating. The bottom line and brand awareness should always be the main functions of a campaign, not the hunting and gathering of followers.

But, you may think that playing the numbers is a part of broadcasting your message, and it is to some extent. However, when was the last time your tons of followers put a dent in your bottom line? Have you sold more product or services because of it? Some may say yes, but the majority will admit, it didn’t help propel business.

Who really cares?

Far too many marketers put empasis on the number of social media followers they have and some even go so far as to buy followers.  I don’t recommend that strategy.  Money wasted.

If your business is based on credibility, influence or real relationships you’ll find these paid followers falling off quickly. They don’t care.

If you’re thinking having a million followers makes you look famous, and if that’s your goal, then look at who is actually interacting with you on social media platforms. How many are sharing or mentioning your content?

You know your content’s good, you’ve spent time, effort and money to create it, so if all these followers aren’t on top of it, what’s the point?

Winners and Losers

One would think the more people your marketing or services reaches, the better the chance you have to sell your product. In other words, quantity breeds quality. Not true unless you have time to sift through the noise and junk to find something of value. No one does that.

So who’s winning at this social media marketing game? It depends on several factors. What’s your bottom line goal? It differs with each individual and company, but campaigns should reflect the ultimate aspiration, to bring in more revenue. If not, why be in business?

The purpose of engaging with followers on any social media platform is to build lasting, long-term relationships. Look for those who care about your new service, product or business launch. They will be investing their time and money in what you have to offer.

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  1. That’s a very good question. Many people don’t take the time to self-educate, or they don’t have time, it doesn’t appeal to them, or any number of reasons, but they feel they need to have a social media presence. That’s where either training or social media management comes in.

  2. A Lonely Widower says

    My question’s this why do I get all this E-mail from offering me Social Mania Training from any where from $40.00 -$80.00 or on top of what I already spent for the web site when I can read the same information for free?

  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s nice to hear from someone else who “gets it!”

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