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The Media Called–What Should I DO? Tips For Your First Appearance

Tips for media appearance from ImaginePublicity



Tips for media appearance from ImaginePublicityAs exciting as it is to be called by a major media producer to offer your brand of commentary, discuss your latest book, or to promote an issue, it can send even veterans to the moon with anxiety!

The spotlight is on you! Don’t get caught unprepared, looking a mess, or sounding like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

What makes a good interview? What should be said or not said? What should be worn that looks best on camera?  Whew! Lot’s to think about, let alone how to get over the jitters.

If you go into the interview well prepared, looking and sounding good, the chances of landing more appearances  went up a few notches.  Do and be the best you can!

1. The Media Called: Name Your Product

Whether it be a book or the latest gadget, it has a name and should be referred to by that name at each opportunity. Not that you need to say it in every sentence, but weave it through the interview in an easy, conversational way. The audience appreciates hearing the name of your product, not just a reference to “my book” or “my gadget.”

After all, the interview is the sales tool you’ve been looking for, take advantage and help the audience connect to you and your product.

2. The Media Called: Make the Host Look Good

Never comment on the host, not even complimentary, it’s not the time nor the place for acting chummy. You are a guest and should use all the good manners in the arsenal, following the lead of the host, and not stepping on toes during the dance.

You were invited to deliver information in a professional manner, be a gracious and polite guest, but not to the point where it infringes on the host. Your interaction with this host will make others want you as well.

3. The Media Called:  No Repeats

Never say, “As I said before,” in an interview. If it was said once, time is wasted repeating it again.

Have information prepared ahead of time and enough that you never have to repeat yourself.  Use the interview as a conversation about you and your product, dancing along with the host and their questions, not going backwards, but moving forward with each point you want to make.

It doesn’t hurt to make a short list of subject matter, keep it handy, but don’t read from it.

4. The Media Called:  Self-Promotion

Here’s the point where you walk a thin line between coming off as a huckster or a credible offering for your product.

The conversation between the host and guest should allow opportunities to get in information about you, your product, and where to buy it.  You must know how to subtly ask for the sale.

One of the most important things taught in sales 101 is how to ask for the sale. If you’ve woven the value of your product within the conversation of the interview, that’s winning half the battle, but the audience needs to be compelled to buy.  Leave them wanting more, but let them know where to get it!

5. The Media Called: Media Training

If you find yourself jittering all the way to the interview, it may be a sign that you need some confidence. Media training offers you an individualized session covering all the bases needed for a successful appearance. It’s an investment, not only in yourself, but in the success of your product.

Learn to effectively answer questions in a way that benefits you, the host, and especially the audience, your potential customer. Learn to be human, excited and confident!

BONUS 3 Tips When the Media Calls!


Don’t be distracting to the camera. Learn how to look your best on the set by checking your wardrobe, hair and makeup choices.

2. Your Voice

What do you really sound like? Learn to speak well so that your speech pattern isn’t what your audience remembers about you.  Get your points across articulately.

3. Unconscious Habits

Do you touch your face when nervous, or pull at your clothes? Many of us have those irritating little habits that we aren’t even aware of when we are in a position of stress. Learn what they are, and how to correct them before you go on air.

Don’t go before the camera cold, warm up to it, take a hard look at yourself, improve what’s needed and use this golden opportunity to be your best!

The Media Called–What Should I DO?

Tips For Your First Appearance

ImaginePublicity now offers basic media training. Take advantage of a FREE media training consultation by filling out the form below or contact us:

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  1. Invaluable advice… My opinion– Prepare, but also gear your expectations down, as they tend to edit a lot depending on the format. Be yourself, be conversational too! You will get through it. There is no way to totally control the content. You do not want to be “the next sensational story ” of the day. However,I think if you research their news organization and get a sense of their ethics and reputation and chose wisely, the camera or scribe can be your friend. iI you leave a good impression and make your intentions clear upfront with your conditions discussed before hand you will succeed. Ladyjustice

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