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How to Achieve the 5 C’s of Social Media Marketing

What’s the most important thing you can do to help the success of your branding campaign, your book, or your company?

Positive, professional relationships and good communication will put it on the right track!

Creating a positive relationship with the public through social media or traditional strategies will significantly impact building a successful image. There are a few steps to follow to get the best reach.

It’s not enough to announce important milestones and do nothing else, there has to be more to be sustainable, and it must be practiced within your overall marketing strategy.

How are public relations defined? The words “public relations” say it all simply. It’s how you relate to the public, building up trust and credibility.

In the world of social media, it’s now all about positively networking. Whether a private label, personality, product, or company, all campaigns must go through the “discovery” process.


Content creation and a functional website are the premier tools of the trade-in social media networking, and fresh content is what the search engines feed upon. Yes, it takes time and a commitment to write regularly, but it must be done for maximum results.

Think you’re not a writer? If thoughts and ideas can be put down on paper, they have the potential to become content.

If writing ability is a concern, then a copywriter should be considered. A simple, 300-500 word blog post 3 or more times a week gives the search engines, readers, followers, and friends something to feast upon and exposes you to new and larger audiences!


It’s no longer adequate to just put up a blog post and wait for readers to come. Just as launching a book with a marketing plan, individuals and companies must stay creative how the message reaches existing customers and potential future customers. A blog post is a valuable marketing tool, and, just like an advertisement or a billboard, getting it in the right location for maximum exposure is vital.

Put on your thinking cap and find your target audience! You don’t need to participate in every social media site, but you must find the ones where your audience is engaged.

Network sites are full of information and those seeking it, and it’s relatively easy to become involved to enhance your presence and spread the word.

Not the social type, or just don’t have the time or skills to use the internet to promote yourself? Consider contracting or outsourcing to a service-oriented marketing company and hire a social media manager.


How much is enough? That’s a question that should be answered by realizing how important social relationship building is to the overall marketing strategy.

A business is open for specific hours, a customer or client knows when that is, and it should be made quite clear in all company information. Social networking is now a large part of being “open for business,” and someone must be operating the ship.

Whether it be blogging or networking on social media sites, showing up for work online consistently is like being at the office or opening the store on time! The upside is you don’t have to punch a time clock, but you must allocate time to share and be shared.


With as much business conducted over lunches, phone, email, and cocktail parties, we are adept at holding industry related conversations with others. It’s the same principle in social media networking sites.

How do business “strangers” meet in person? By an introduction, a chance meeting, or talking about mutual interests. In social media, it’s the same concept, start a conversation about someone’s post, which shows interest, cultivate the discussion, and see where it leads. It could be that potential business lead you’ve been chasing. You just never know!

Not sure how to go about getting that critical introduction? Consider aligning yourself with a leader that can connect people to people or, better yet, people to a business.


Once the conversation is started, communication skills come into play. Find a way to personally correspond with a connection that shows potential interest.

Privately message or email, if possible. Do some background homework, know something about the recipient before forging ahead to make personal contact. Get to know the person or business through using the art of communication and build the relationship to the point where a positive message is received.

Trust and credibility are being built at this point and, if properly used, communications will seal the deal.

Perhaps you need a third party to professionally communicate or negotiate inquiries; consider hiring someone with experience to help guide those communications for the best results.

If you find yourself in a quandary about where to begin or how to move forward in the world of social media, the team at ImaginePublicity is here to help.  Call or email for a FREE assessment and a proposal customized to your specific needs and goals.

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