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15th National Missing Persons Conference Sponsored by CUE Center for Missing Persons

The CUE Center for Missing Persons’ 15th Annual National Missing Persons Conference, “Turning Commitment into Action” will be held March 21-24, 2019  to focus on the exchange of ideas and best practices through presentations and classes. The conference also provides a place of peace for families who are suffering through the struggles that come with missing a loved one or dealing with an unresolved homicide. 

The conference is open to everyone who has an interest in supporting CUE’s primary missions of locating missing people and comforting their loved ones. Advocates from law enforcement officers, victim assistance professionals, youth groups, and families of the missing are especially encouraged to attend.

“Through classes and presentations by those who are considered experts in their fields, attendees will gain a better understanding of the issues and possible solutions. We will provide a place where families can interact and know they are not alone on their journey,” said CUE Founder Monica Caison.

  • What: The CUE Center’s 15th Annual National Missing Persons Conference
  • When: March 21-24, 2019
  • Where: Holiday Inn, 5032 Market Street, Wilmington, N.C.
  • Register: Registration is now open at
  • Candle Light Service: Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 8:00 pm
  • City Hall on Princess Street side in Downtown Wilmington, NC

Notable speakers for this year’s conference include Judith A. Yates, True Crime Author and Criminologist  Carletha Kosky, Author of Demented, Norma Peterson of Document the Abuse, and Dr. Henry C. Lee, Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science.

Attendees say instructional classes are the highlight of the conference. Classes are open to everyone attending. Among this year’s instructors are Gregory Scarbro, FBI Next Generation Identification, Marissa Wright, Healing from Trauma and Transformation, Mac Morgan, K-9 Instructor and Trainer, and Dennis Gillan, Mental Health Speaker, Journey Towards Recovery.

cue speakers

In keeping with the annual tradition, attendees will be transported to downtown Wilmington Saturday night for the Annual Candlelight Vigil, which is open to the public and honoring those still missing. As part of the ceremony, “Keeper of the Flame” awards will be presented to law enforcement, business leaders, organizations, media outlets, search personnel, and volunteers who have risen above their daily duties to help those in distress. 

For complete details on all the conference events, registration, and how to become a volunteer, please call the CUE Center for Missing Persons at (910) 343-1131 or e-mail



  1. Yes, you can come to the candlelight vigil. If you’re local you can also attend the conference for $50/day.

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