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Donna Gore Speaks to CT Survivors of Homicide Support Group

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On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, Donna R. Gore gives a presentation to the Survivors of Homicide support group in Southington, CT. She will be speaking to the group about her newly published book for the Grief Diaries series, Surviving Loss by Homicide. There will be a book signing after the presentation.

Invited to write the foreword for Surviving Loss by Homicide by Grief Diaries creator and author, Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Donna Gore introduces readers to the sorrow experienced when losing a loved one suddenly to violent crime. She explains to readers the reality of being a victim, as well as the importance of care, kindness, compassion, and resiliency.

Event Details:

  • When: Tuesday, August 16, at 7pm EST
  • Where: Southington Care Center, 45 Meriden Ave.,Southington, CT.
  • Sponsor: Survivors of Homicide

As a founding member of the CT Survivors of Homicide in 1983, Donna Gore and other families  were trying to cope with the murder of a family member or someone else close to them. They met to support each other and to share information about the criminal justice system.  The group has become… “outspoken advocates for all victims of violent crime, for fair compensation to victims, and for public policy and understanding that reduces the senseless violence sweeping our communities.”  

For further information and resources for families, please refer to their website: SurvivorsofHomicide.Com

Survivors of Homicide, Donna R. Gore, Shattered Lives

About the Author, Donna R. Gore

Donna Gore, "LadyJustice" Host of Shattered Lives Radio

Donna R. Gore’s experience in crime victim advocacy began with the 1981 murder of her father. Her personal experience through the judicial system inspires her to reach out to others in similar situations through the development of support resources and educating the public through utilization of several media outlets.

She has pursued her passion by participation in several victim assistance organizations, including Survivors of Homicide, Inc., CUE Center for Missing Persons and the National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA).  She is also an expert trainer and presenter for OVC TTAC through the Department of Justice on topics of crime victims’ rights, victim impact statements, and rights of the disabled.

Donna Gore is the host of the popular weekly podcast, Shattered Lives, offering up expert guests and resources related to the aftermath of crime and the needs of victims left behind. On air for almost 5 years, she has given listeners a treasure chest of timeless information.

She has created a valuable resource for victims of crime who find themselves wading through the justice system and needing help with writing a victim impact statement. Her Victim Impact Statement Assistance program offers her experience and writing abilities to create a professional statement for reading in court.

For information about her services and her latest blog posts, please visit her website: DonnaGore.Com

Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Homicide book coverGrief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Homicide is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version, and will be available soon in local bookstores and other venues. For a signed copy order by email directly: ($15.95 + $5 shipping/handling)

A percentage of each book sale is donated to CUE Center for Missing Persons, an organization which searches for missing persons and offers support and advocacy to the families.

To schedule Donna R. Gore for presentations at events, seminars or conferences, please contact: ImaginePublicity,  Telephone: 843.808.0859  Email:


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  1. It was my first time attending the group, when Donna shared her story. I enjoy the presentation. I plan to purchase here book within the next week. I love the fact that there is support for individuals who’ve lost a loved on to homicide. My 22 year old daughter was shot and killed by her boyfriend on May 7, 2016. Just one day before Mother’s day, and 58 days after she gave birth to her first child. The pain and loneliness is unbearable at times. Thanks to this group I’m learning how to deal with the emptiness.

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