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“Time’s Up: A Guide on How to Leave an Abusive and Stalking Relationship”

The late Susan Murphy Milano turned her 20 years of experience in the field of high risk domestic violence cases into more than a book, but a tool for others to use in order to save the lives of those needing escape from a violent or stalking relationship. Born with an instinct to come up with strategies to escape the abuse happening in her own home, Susan  consistently used that instinctive gift towards helping others by working with them in the “danger zone.” Everyone involved in the movement against family violence should have these tools available, especially the unique “Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit” which is a series of forms and a video that will be a voice for victims who need to be heard.  Cases will be resolved and abusers will be arrested. Created from incidents surrounding the Stacy Peterson Case, the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (E.A.A.) was created for victims of domestic violence, to insure that the victim’s words about her fears and previous violence will not disappear if she does. The ability to prove who likely seriously injured, abducted, or killed …


Bob Rahn & Kim Anklin Attend SPI Event Featuring Paul Callan

Originally posted on The Memobook:
The Society of Professional Investigators (SPI) is known as the premier fraternal organization for investigators in New York. SPI holds monthly meetings featuring the top experts law enforcement, forensics and legal fields. On May 19, 2016, at Forlini’s Restaurant, 93 Baxter Street, New York, NY, Attorney Paul Callan was the featured guest speaker. Paul Callan, Bob Rahn, Kim Anklin and Gil Alba Paul Callan is pictured with Management Resources principals, Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin, who worked with Callan recently on the Randy Williams wrongful conviction case. Also pictured is Gil Alba, president of ALDONYS. Well known for his appearances as a legal analyst for CNN, and his representation in several high-profile cases dating back to “Son of Sam,” Callan has taken great interest in wrongful conviction cases. Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin began their investigations into wrongful conviction cases after being contacted by the mother of Jonathan Fleming to review his case. Fleming’s subsequent exoneration and release made international headlines. Short message from Paul Callan: Across the country, wrongful conviction cases…

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Social Media: We Don’t Want to be Customers!

Think about it. Sometimes social media activity can be compared to watching an entertaining, interactive movie or tv show, and then, BINGO, there’s another commercial. Do you go to the kitchen for a snack and wait for it to be over, or do you turn the channel and move along? How many times do you take action based on the commercial? This is what happens when marketers use social media as a broadcast medium for their latest sales pitch. It may have worked well in the past for some, but now it’s like blowing hot air into the wind. Over saturation = hot air! Instead of walking away in frustration and condemning all social media for marketing purposes, let’s take a look at what’s changed in the overall philosophy of social media marketing and how the “pitch it” mentality can be overhauled. The customer is always right If a marketer is pounding away with ads, posts, and targeting and not getting results it’s too easy to point the finger at the consumer and walk away defeated. …

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Donna Gore’s Podcast Featured on State of Connecticut Website

On May 14, 2016, Shattered Lives Radio featured guests discussing three missing young girls from Tolland County in the state of Connecticut. The three girls have been missing since the late 1960’s, early 70’s. Appearing on the episode were family members and investigators who updated listeners on their latest efforts to solve the cases and return the girls to their families. The podcast was subsequently included with information about the cases in the Division of Criminal Justice section of the State of Connecticut website. Read on website: Tolland County Cold Case Squad Host of Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, is also a State Outreach Coordinator for Wilmington, NC based CUE Center for Missing Persons. She spent several months coordinating the guests and information for the episode. The discussion surrounding each case related details that are known, and the fact that there is no physical evidence available in any of the cases that would give investigators new leads. Listen to Podcast: Shattered Lives Radio Shattered Lives Radio Guests: Daniel Cargill- Retired Ct State Trooper; Lead Cold Case …