SEO for the Average JOE

One of the important goals of social media marketing strategies is to have your website rank the highest it can among the search engines and be readily available to those searching keywords and phrases, hence SEO, or search engine optimization. And now, the confusion begins.

Although SEO is considered the technical side of crafting a site, there’s another area which is even more important, the usability and sharing capability of the content created on the site.

In other words, if the traffic that is driven to the site by good SEO practices is not able to find the usable information the search engine provides, seekers will quickly leave and never share that information, contradicting the purpose of social media marketing, the concept of being social.

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Improving the optimizing website sitespeed and web presence of our clients is one of the individual’s most requested goals, and one of the critical components to their social media marketing plan. But what we also teach is that many parts make the whole, building blocks of a good foundation.

SEO Clients First

A significant component of ImaginePublicity is that the client comes first, an inverted definition of the funnel marketing plan where the client is on top instead of funneled through the traffic coming to the site and being on the bottom.

We are already contracted with our clients so they deserve the best of our attention before seeking new business coming through the SEO marketing funnel. Belle Beth Cooper best describes the concept of inverted marketing funnel and its advantages.

If this concept is properly executed our existing client base will not only be fulfilled, but be in the position to bring us even more qualified business, allowing the marketing funnel concept to be used upside down.

SEO Usability

By now everyone knows the attention span of a potential audience is very short and we only have a small window of opportunity to draw that seeker in and show them what they came looking for, and quickly.

If a site is cluttered or overfilled with superfluous information, how long will that person take to look around?

They won’t spend the time to look further because it’s too much trouble and too easy to find the information somewhere else.

Keeping a site focussed and easy to navigate provides a favorable experience to those who take the time to find it.

Search engines, although not human, operate on that same concept, looking for an understanding of the material presented on the site and creating ranking based on that understanding.

SEO and Sharing

By providing site content in an organized fashion, not only will it draw in more traffic, but it will give readers something they will want to share with their own circle of friends.

Whether it be professional information about a specific client, or a well written post on an idea, people love to share good stuff!

Search engines and humans use the same criteria, they seek authorship and authority on the subject. Most rankings, visibility, and exposure will be based on how well the content is shared.

By creating useful and interesting content a site will grow and gain its influence, rising above other brands, individuals, or informational sites.

It’s much more incumbent to provide and share good content, drawing in traffic through links, and teach clients how to best engage, than to concentrate on gathering thousands of followers on social media platforms.

It goes back to the argument of quality vs quantity, and we like to think that quality is the trump card.

SEO and Keywords

The rules of the game are ever-changing when it comes to proper SEO and site building technology, just when you think you’ve “got it” the rules go in another direction.

Much of SEO is quite technical and not easy to comprehend, so how can we best take advantage of mastering the best parts of that technology?

Keywords were once the backbone of SEO and still are, but to a different extent. How the individual uses key phrases while performing a search, and how it connects them to the idea, individual, or website forms a contrasting relationship. This article describes how the changes in using keywords will best benefit SEO practices:

“The future of SEO is not based on keywords, but rather on how those “keywords” form a relationship to an entity, a concept, or a target.” Eating My (Key)Words: Changing The Way We Think About SEO

SEO and Exposure

Hummingbirds, penguins, and the phoenix rising from the ashes could all be relevant to the ever-changing world of SEO and it’s technology, but it seems that search engines are moving towards a more organic and personal means to present the information being searched.

We are seeing a stepping away from the obsession of page rank and keywords to a more intuitive and authentic technique to show searchers the way to get answers from their query.

By establishing better exposure through the authorship and authenticity of content, search engines will more naturally pull in new readers, and at the bottom line, more customers.

ImaginePublicity offers several plans to enhance your online presence. For more information about how to best increase your potential by using social media marketing and management, contact us!  Email: for a FREE assessment.

SEO for the Average JOE