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Connecting the Dots in Social Media Marketing


Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company, a start up, or an individual with a product, book or brand, there must be a strategic plan to drive business.

Social media has become a valuable business marketing tool. People of all demographics are jumping on social media sites daily and respect the opinions of their peers as a purchasing guideline.

An effective Social Media Marketing campaign will leverage the power of the internet to build value, credibility and have the highest potential to reach a target audience in order to increase sales and visibility in the marketplace.

Sound complicated?

A successful campaign should leave a mark on social media sites to engage with existing customers, reach new customers, and build brand awareness.

Twittersize copy

Put An Ear to the Ground (Listen!)

Social media sites reveal what existing and potential customers think about a company, product and services. By their comments and engagement, it can be determined what they think and be able to respond accordingly.

By listening closely they will give an indication when to push your campaign harder or when to pull back.  Remember, quality posting, and not necessarily quantity is the best approach.

Open Your Mouth (Talk!)

Make it a two way conversation!

Don’t expect results just by posting the latest event or newsworthy item. Close the distance between your company and your customers, respond to them, engage them in dialogue, and by all means, answer their questions.

Reach Out and Touch Someone (Reach!)

Social media sites are used actively by millions and offer just as many ways to interact with them.  Whether by special promotions, occasional giveaways, or a simple newsletter sign up, make the effort to reach out to them.  Creating unique and valuable content will draw followers back time and time again.

Currently, the most successful content is images, graphics and video. Use these platforms to create more interesting messages and link followers back to your site for details.

Build Da Buzz (Share!)

Therein lies the oldest adage in public relations and advertising:

“The best advertising is word-of-mouth.”  

Give followers something to talk about and they will share often.  People love to pass on good news, bad news, controversy, (and cat pictures!) but one thing they don’t pass on is boring content!

There’s no investment in boring buzz and it will lie there dormant.  Be creative, don’t customers deserve it?

No News, Is Not Always Good News (Monitor!)

What did they just say?!

Don’t expect that all conversation will be positive, and be prepared to respond appropriately.

By frequently monitoring all social sites, nip a problem before it goes viral!  Remember, some things are better done in private, and the same goes for negativity online.

Take it to the back room, out of the spotlight, and handle it professionally.

LOGOLGImaginePublicity, is ready, willing and able to boost your online presence.  For a FREE personal consultation and assessment, contact us for an appointment.  Phone:  843.808.0859   or   Email:


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  3. Hi There! Interesting and readable information for those of us who are still mystified by the workings of social media. It’s amazing how word of mouth, a little gesture or e-mail passed on can produce an impact… It happened just recently to me personally and to others I know….

    If my ducks aren’t in a row…. Imagine Publicity will straighten them out! Never Fear!
    Communication is so vital… but don’t waste it on frivolity when you are serious about accomplishing things!
    That doesn’t mean… you can’t use humor to get your point across when used appropriately.
    Thanks for allowing me my opinion…


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