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CUE Center for Missing Persons 12th Annual National Conference

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”Paving the Way by Grace” is the theme for the 12th Annual National Missing Persons Conference sponsored by CUE Center for Missing Persons in Wilmington, North Carolina. The conference will be held March 17-20th at the Holiday Inn, 5032 Market Street, Wilmington, NC. The four-day event will focus on improving communication between families and agencies, exchanging ideas, and creating a unified support system for victims left behind.

The National Missing Persons Conference is open to all who have an interest in supporting the primary cause of locating missing persons including search and rescue groups. In addition, the Conference is open to those who support victims of homicide, intimate partner violence and other crimes against both adults and youth. Advocates from law enforcement, victims’ assistance, youth groups, families of the missing and anyone with an interest in learning how they, too, can help are welcome. Registration is now open. LINK TO REGISTRATION

The conference is both educational and informative, presenting cutting edge technology and ideas to make a difference in the way missing person’s cases are handled. “Through classes and presentations by those who are considered experts in their fields, attendees come away with a better understanding of the issues and the solutions,” says CUE Founder Monica Caison. For the full schedule of speakers and instructors refer to the AGENDA 2016.


CUE roster of speakers for 2016 conference

On the roster of speakers for the conference this year are the New Hanover County Gang Task Force, Gangs 101 and Warning Signs of Gang Involvement, media producer Steph Watts,  Media for the Missing: Help or Harm? and media personality Jon Leiberman, Keeping the Faith:Getting and keeping your case in the public eye.

In depth classes are one of the highlights for attendees. Classes are open to all and encouraged for law enforcement, advocates and volunteers. Instructors and classes for this year include Michael Streed “Sketch Cop,” Foundations of Forensic Facial Imaging – When and How to Put a Face on Your Case; Wesley Clark, Believing people is the best way to know if they are lying!; Tim Palmbach, Using Forensic Science and Biometrics to Help the Missing and the Most Vulnerable; and Mike Melson, Using cell phone data analysis to find missing persons.

Each year on Saturday evening, attendees are transported to Riverfront Park for the Annual Candlelight Vigil honoring all those who are still among the missing. As part of the highly touching ceremony, “Keeper of the Flame”awards are presented to law enforcement, business leaders, organizations, media networks, search personnel and volunteers who have risen above their daily duties to aid those in distress.

For complete details on how to become a volunteer, or participate in this national missing persons movement, please contact the CUE Center for Missing Persons at (910) 343-1131 or email

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