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Mixing Up the Marketing, the Recipe for Success

Mixing marketing, ImaginePublicity, social media marketing, social media management

Mixing marketing, ImaginePublicity, social media marketing, social media management


Online marketing and social media? Offline advertising and media?  Both are equally important in the mix of marketing.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small start-up, learn the correct combination of advertising, publicity and marketing, then stir it up with your company’s message to hit your target customer’s taste buds.

Printed Materials

Although you may be a social media heavy hitter and have a presence on all the networking and social media platforms, continue to grow your presence in your own backyard.

Keeping  brochures and business cards updated and handy will get your information directly into the hands of those who you want to remember you.

Trade shows and on the ground marketing at the local level is what’s going to build a strong business foundation.  Don’t rely solely on social media efforts, but combine direct marketing with online marketing.

Website & Blog

Your website is the icing on your cake.  You simply can not do without a website in the world of online marketing.

A website is the mixing bowl in the online kitchen where you’ll direct all the tasty ingredients from around the web.

All social media postings should point potential customers right back to your digital hub. Blogging should be integrated into the website to introduce new content and keep search engines crawling to find it.

Blog posts and copy should be relative to your business or brand,  and shared among all of the social media networks.

Social Media Networks

Choose wisely where you want to spend your online time, and use it to your benefit and the benefit of your business.

Be sure to have a complete profile on several sites, monitor each of them and measure the traffic coming into your site.

Join and participate in groups that are relative to your interests, or be brave and create your own groups, but don’t just join, mingle!

Press Releases

Refer to our previous article about press releases and how they benefit your business success. (The Press Release: Free, Paid and What Will It Do For Me?)

If you aren’t using your local media to help boost you and your business, you’re missing out on some golden opportunities to build your foundation.

Enhancing local media coverage with digital marketing, is like the spice that gives your dish flavor.

Also watch for local advertising deals. Although an investment is required, a properly placed advertisement, print, radio or television, has the potential to bring large amounts of new business.


Email marketing, whether a consistent newsletter or sporadic announcements, is one of the most personal ways to reach out to your potential customers.

In building relationships, properly timed email marketing campaigns give the personal touch, that secret ingredient, to the mix of your overall social media marketing strategy.

Your Publicist or Marketing Partners

Creating and developing a promotional campaign with a publicist is a process.  Know exactly what your expectations are and how your campaign will evolve.  (How to Work with a Publicist: What’s the Relationship Like, Are you Golden?)

A marketing partner can be an extremely valuable asset if used as a properly added ingredient to your mix, but they can’t assume all of your own responsibilities of building that foundation.

Put the final decoration on your business before you set it on the table with the good china.

Just as the consistency of your cake batter is important to the overall finished product, your marketing consistency is just as significant to your success.

Choose what works for you and your emerging business and don’t be afraid to try new sites and ideas, be consistent with blogging and networking efforts, stir it all up with caring strokes, get the temperature right, then enjoy the beautiful success you’ve created!



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  3. Intriguing Article! I am in that kitchen rattlin’ those pots and pans as fast as I can as well as stirring the mixing bowl!
    It’s all about diversification of your message and writing! No one trick pony here!

    ‘So gad that Imagine Publicity is the icing on my cake!

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