Month: December 2015

Facebook for business

The Flip Flop of Facebook for Business

No longer can a social media marketer create a business page on Facebook, invite followers and expect business to happen like it used to, things have changed drastically. Attending a webinar by Heather Mansfield of Nonprofit Tech for Good is always an enlightening experience and recommended even if you aren’t a nonprofit or work for one. Her webinars are easy to understand practical points which aid in understanding social media management best practices across the board. The latest webinar touched on the science of social media and what we know from data collected over the years about what works best on each platform. Understanding the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook marketing for business pages can be daunting and confusing, but Heather explained practices to be using now, that is until Facebook changes again! Some of the key points discussed in the recent webinar included the following: Stats Study the insights, but not so much attention to the “reach,” engagement is much more important to your overall campaign. As we all know, Facebook has limited a post’s reach unless you wish to …