Think Your Resume is Enough to Open Today’s Doors?

marketing a resume

Times have changed in relation to reaching career goals. No longer is it feasible to drop off a copy of a resume and expect a call back. No, in today’s world it takes much more than that.

Strategies for career placement and advancement now rely heavily on how well a person presents themselves online.

marketing a resume

Have you checked out your personal Facebook postings lately? You know, the ones describing a girls night out with some not so appropriate pictures. Think about how a potential employer would view those posts, and get rid of anything that doesn’t portray professionalism. It’s ok to have fun and post about it, but keep in mind who may be taking a peek into your personal life.

How to rise to the top

Imagine yourself as the product in a hugestore. What sets you apart? What makes a consumer choose you from the shelf and take you home?

Additionally, product placement and merchandising is essential to getting a product noticed. There’s a reason why all those tempting candy bars and magazines are placed close to the checkout. Being an impulse item isn’t necessarily a negative.

If you’ve wowed a potential employer at the first meeting, or if they see your first-rate presence online, they may hire you without looking further.

Prospective employers are “buyers.” They are buying into what you’re selling, you, including your personality and credentials. Present them in a way that they can’t resist hiring you.

How to be the best you can be online

A website is the new expanded resume, or calling card, and should contain details of past and present accomplishments along with future goals. It invites others to get to know you and to get a complete picture of career goals.

A blog should be a sharing experience, building rapport and engaging with credible, like-minded followers. Be sure to allow space to expand on the bullet points contained in your resume or bio.

Writing content that is both conversational and informational, intertwined with your personal details, paints a broader picture for hiring potential. Think you can’t write well? Make an investment in a good ghostwriter or content producer who has the ability to be your voice.

Social Media sites help send a message to others, but, like standing in a crowded room, how do you stand out? Career changes can happen because your message was linked to the exact person or company that’s looking for a new hire. Like selling a product, it’s often about working the numbers, and may take several attempts.

Imagine yourself hiding behind your resume, if you’re hoping it will introduce you to your next job, you may wish to re-think your prospects. Now, imagine connecting with others who share your same vision, who may have the ability to make it happen for you.

Do you need to re-vamp your style?  Add to your presence?  Or step up to the next level in your career plans?

ImaginePublicity wants to see you succeed!

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