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Dottie Laster: Why Do I Do What I Do? The Positive Effects of Human Trafficking Advocacy Training

Dottie Laster, Survivors of human trafficking, ImaginePublicity
Dottie Laster, Human trafficking training, Anti-human trafficking news, ImaginePublicity

Dottie Laster speaks to students about the grooming process of traffickers and how easy it is to be caught in the trap.

As Dottie Laster completes another  Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy training session, the necessity for training across the country becomes clearer, this time in a heartwarming way. To her surprise, on the first day of the 2 day session, the attendees contained two survivors of trafficking  which she assisted in their rescue and restoration.  At the end of a long day of training, her thoughts return to other victims in need of the same services and the dire need for advocates to know exactly what to do for them.

The Positive Effects of Human Trafficking Advocacy Training

Advocacy training is where anyone can learn about case histories, legal details and distinctions in place to stop and punish traffickers, and how to become an advocate who brings recovery and services to survivors. It takes much more than reading books and articles, or even just the passion to help. Although both important, the rescue of trafficking victims is a dangerous business, and without proper training and support services, the dangers become quite risky. Victim restoration back into society is a specific plan of action, unlike any other, and they need specific resources to be available.

Dottie Laster,Human Trafficking Advocacy Training,ImaginePublicity

Dottie Laster is a nationally recognized expert in the field of human trafficking, has been trained by the Department of Justice to educate law enforcement, businesses and organizations on human trafficking, and has been the architect and leader of human trafficking task forces and coalitions in many cities in Texas andCalifornia. She was appointed an original member of the U. S. Attorney’s Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance, a human trafficking task force often noted as a model for the nation. As a part of this task force, she trained over 5,000 police officers and worked directly with adult and child victims.

TRAFFICKED Designs: One of the Positive Effects of Human Trafficking Advocacy

Jewelry ….SOS….Save One Soul

Dottie Laster, TRAFFICKED Designs, Survivors of Trafficking, ImaginePublicity

TRAFFICKED Designs introduced a line of handmade jewelry in 2011 aptly titled “SOS: Save One Soul” as part of Dottie Laster’s mission to assist rescued victims of human trafficking.

As a result of local publicity, the New Braunfels Art League, and jewelry maker, Lynda Medore have partnered with Laster to offer “make one, donate one” workshops on a monthly basis.

The workshop allows concerned citizens to be a part of the solution to human trafficking by learning to make a piece of jewelry. Attendees create one for themselves and one is donated to TRAFFICKED Designs’ inventory. The pieces are then sold with the proceeds going towards the hiring of more rescued victims.

The ultimate goal for TRAFFICKED Designs is to be profitable enough to offer a place of employment, continue to help victims strive, and contribute to the communities in a positive way. TRAFFICKED Designs is not a non-profit organization, but a viable company seeking profitability through the employment of those who may not be hired into other companies due to their backgrounds.

TRAFFICKED Designs jewelry and artwork may be purchased directly through Dottie Laster by email ( or through the company’s recently opened Etsy Store:


Dottie Laster: Why Do I Do What I Do?

Dottie Laster and Laster Global Consulting provide project development, consultancy, and training resources in domestic and international trafficking. The strong multi-disciplinary team has an established track record of helping victims of trafficking and developing anti-trafficking programs with law enforcement, universities, faith-based, and non-profit organizations.

Dottie Laster is available for every type of training needed within the arena of human trafficking, tailored to any audience including law enforcement, victim services agencies, seminars, conferences, high school, middle school, colleges, and organizations. To schedule Dottie for your next event, contact ImaginePublicity, Phone 843.808.0859 or Email:

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Dottie Laster: Why Do I Do What I Do? The Positive Effects of Human Trafficking Advocacy Training


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  2. @ Donna yes it DID!!! we had a great time– and I am very content- and LOVE my work-

    @ Phil- I believe both are correct at least in my perspective- they affect me emotionally and the effects are exponential – thanks for the help– as all scociologists say “It Depends”- thanks Delilah for writing such a lovely piece and taking the chaos of my work and making it understandable

    @ Lark- there has been a case that involved forced labor in an elder care facility- not good outcomes for patients or workers- see the story here

  3. phil says

    title is incorrect. should say “positive effects”. affect=emotion; effect = consequences or results

  4. Also, Donna Gore has worked extensively with eldercare over the years. Perhaps she can weigh in as well.

  5. @Lark ..Thank you for your comment. I’ve forwarded it to Dottie Laster and perhaps she can give you an answer. The issue of elder abuse is one that needs much more attention. Our country seems to have lost its honor for the elderly and it’s truly a shame.

  6. Lark E. Kirkwood says

    Thanks you. What are your thoughts on elder abuse / guardianship abuse and human trafficking?

  7. This is what we advocates live for…is it not, Dottie? Congratulations! I’ll bet when you saw your former survivors, your heart grew ten times larger!

    Donna “Ladyjustice”

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