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How to Influence Your Local Book Store

Author Diane Fanning had an informal chat with the customer service representative at her local Barnes & Noble and learned how readers and fans can support their favorite authors and have their books available in their local book stores.

In a her blog post, Influence Your Book Store, Fanning says,

When someone pre-orders a book before its official release date, it tells book stores that the book is in demand.  If more than one person orders the same title in advance, it lets them know that buying additional copies to stock the shelves is a good idea.

Pre-ordering is the single best way you can help your favorite authors be successful and continue to write the books you want to read.

ImaginePublicity is proud to announce Diane Fanning has another new book available for pre-order from all online book sellers, but don’t overlook your local book stores as well. Support your authors locally!

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Cover of Bitter Remains by Diane FanningThe latest true crime book from Diane Fanning, Bitter Remains: A Custody Battle, A Gruesome Crime, and the Mother Who Paid the Ultimate Price, is available for pre-order from online book sellers and local book stores. Set for a January, 2016 release, readers and fans will find Bitter Remains to be another of Fanning’s fascinating true crime page-turners.

Bitter Remains is the account of 27-year-old Laura Jean Ackerman of Kinston, North Carolina who was last seen alive in Raleigh, NC on July 13, 2011.

The mother of two toddlers under the age of 4, Ackerman was on her way to pick up her children for their scheduled weekend visit from ex-boyfriend and their father, Grant Hayes, who had custody. What transpires over the following weeks, from North Carolina to Texas, will have readers wondering how such evil deeds can be inflicted on another human being, let alone the mother of your children.

A perk for those who order before a book is released is they are frequently offered with a discount. Another reason to order early!

Check with your online source or local book store about discounts, and the fact that you won’t be charged for your order until the book is released and shipped.

In the topsy-turvy world of today’s publishing options it’s all about support. Authors, whether publishing their first book, or their 30th, depend upon the support of their readers and fans.

Book stores, whether large, or small independents, also depend upon the support of the local community,readers, and authors to continue their brick and mortar business. So, the next time you see one of your favorite authors coming out with a new book, look into ordering early, show your support and keep them writing!

 How to Influence Your Book Store


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