Month: July 2015

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The Top 10 Self-Promotion Mistakes

Most of the tips in the following article are related to books and authors, however, no matter what you’re promoting, whether it be an author, website, or *gasp* yourself, this article has some timely advice and pitfalls to avoid. By: Cynthia Sterling (originally posted in 2011) Since most publishers do little to promote individual books or authors, self-promotion can help authors reach the attention of readers, booksellers, reviewers and others who can help forward their careers. But the wrong kind of self-promotion can do more harm than good. Savvy self-promoters avoid the following mistakes: 1. Not targeting your audience, or targeting the wrong audience. Self promotion begins with a plan. Decide who you want your promotion efforts to reach: book sellers, romance readers, other readers? Different types of promotion are effective with different groups. Book sellers might be receptive to Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of your book, or shelf-talkers or other material that might help them sell the book once it’s in the stores. Readers might be better approached with a bookmark or newsletter. 2. Spamming More …

Dottie Laster, human trafficking

Dottie Laster named Executive Director of Heidi Search Center 

Human Trafficking Expert Accepts Position with Missing Persons Organization Nationally recognized human trafficking expert, Dottie Laster, has accepted the position of Executive Director of Heidi Search Center located in San Antonio, Texas. According to their website, “Heidi Search Center was established in August, 1990, following the abduction of 11-year-old Heidi Lynn Seeman. She disappeared from her Northeast San Antonio neighborhood on August 4, while walking home from a friend’s house.”  The non-profit organization provides community resources and aids law enforcement with search efforts, provides advocacy, and referrals. Dottie Laster is known nationally for her work in combatting human trafficking. She is also affiliated with the Bernardo Kohler Center where she is accredited to practice immigration law. Laster has been directly involved in the rescue and restoration of hundreds of victims of trafficking and continues to offer her unique training to law enforcement and organizations. Recently, Laster has taken an active role speaking to youth in schools and colleges across the country, a population targeted by traffickers. Her skills with this population easily translates to the …