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Dottie Laster Appears on Crime Time with Vito Colucci

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One of the best podcasts featuring crime related topics is Crime Time with Vito Colucci heard live on Sundays at 11pm EST. Colucci prides himself in creating interesting conversations with top notch people in their fields.

Dottie Laster, human trafficking

Dottie Laster

Dottie Laster and her work combatting human trafficking was the subject for the latest broadcast. Listeners will learn her background and how she became involved with the issue, literally overnight, after an encounter with a speaker at her college, St. Mary’s. Laster quickly became immersed with setting up events and conferences within the school to further the dissemination of information about human trafficking to her peers. She then went on to work at creating coalitions, task forces, and worked directly with the Department of Justice developing law enforcement training programs. The conversation is then led towards the type of victims who fall prey to traffickers and Laster’s role in the rescue and restoration of hundreds of victims. She offers advice to young people and parents on what to look for, and how easy it is to be trapped without knowing what they’ve gotten into. Currently Dottie Laster heads the human trafficking program at Bernardo Kohler Center, and was recently appointed the Executive Director of Heidi Search Center in San Antonio, TX.


Vito Colucci

Crime Time with Vito Colucci has recently celebrated 5 years on air and can be heard on BizTalkRadio.Com live on Sundays and podcasts of his show are available. Colucci is a former undercover cop, the owner of a private investigation firm, and the author of Rogue Town, the account of his time on the Stamford, CT police force and how he helped clean up the corruption of the time. Take a lunch hour, drive time, or play the show during your work day and learn from the nation’s leading expert on human trafficking, Dottie Laster. click to listen to live radio or podcastTo bring Dottie Laster to an event as a speaker or trainer, please contact ImaginePublicity. Tel: 843-808-0859  Email:

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