How to Live Your Passion

Which door opens to find your passion?
Which door opens to find your passion?

Which door opens to find your passion?

I’m not like you, and you’re not like me! What you have to contribute to the world is something no one else can do, it’s your piece of the grand puzzle of life. However, you may not yet be aware of what it is that you’re passionate about, what it is that drives you like no one else, or maybe you can’t put your finger on what may be obvious to everyone.

You may be facing several closed doors, but behind one of them holds the passion you seek to make your dreams come true.

Are you looking for your “passion?” Try these helpful hints:


Oftentimes a life event will shake you to your core and cause you to step back and take stock of all that you think you are. It can be a traumatic event, or it could be a life changing positive experience, but either way you’re never the same as you once were. What you take from these life changing events and give back to the world is your effort to make a difference.

It’s never too late to discover a latent talent, or to take a risk on a new life adventure. So much has been achieved by those who have been through the dark side and emerge with a new-found light.

Get out of your own way!

Your own self talk will put up barriers between what you are truly capable of and what you are actually accomplishing. It’s never too late to discover your passion and it’s never too early to act on it.

Perhaps your hobby can be translated into an income stream, or your past job experiences help to reinvent your career choices. Talk honestly to yourself about what motivates you to love what you’re doing. Root out the negative ways you are keeping yourself down, and focus hard on the positivity of your self-worth.


You are exactly what you believe you are, or can be. Your own self-esteem plays a vital part in finding your passion and acting on it.

It’s hard to imagine that “little ole me” can make a difference, but if you believe you can, you will. Don’t sell your potential short and in turn sell your passion down the river. Embrace the belief that you are important enough, good enough, and smart enough to recognize that passion and live it.

Overcome fear

It you can’t step up and do something new to you, how will you find out what you are passionate about? Humans innately fear that which is new, something they don’t know everything about, but it’s the new experiences that bring about change and help to discover what may be lying dormant within us.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure enhances the lessons learned about life and what brings about the necessary change to step out and consciously create the path for your passion.

Take Notice

By removing the labels you’ve put upon yourself you allow possibility to flourish. If you’re stuck on one thing, believing that’s all you are or all you can do, you limit the possibilities of what your passion can do for you.

What is your “self” pointing you towards? Take notice of everything that you enjoy, take notice of those things that bring about happiness or perhaps relieve the stresses of your life. Build on the possibilities that arise when you stop in your tracks and take notice of the self sabotage, the rigid labels you’ve been living with, and turn it around with the belief that you are worthy to succeed in all areas of your passion.

My passion is not your passion and we are all taking a different route through the journey of life, but it’s the intersections that bring forth the best that we have to share with others we meet at the crossroads.

Once you’ve set yourself on your self-appointed path towards success, let’s talk about how to best tell it to the world!

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