Month: May 2015

Shattered Lives: Anne Seymour Returns with FREE Resources

When a violent crime occurs to an individual, or within a family, victims often don’t know what to do after the initial call to police, and they don’t realize that there are resources available to them, often for free. Host Donna R. Gore welcomes Anne Seymour’s return to Shattered Lives Radio as a champion advocate, and she’s bringing information about FREE resources from her vast contribution to the rights of victims. What happens after the initial call to law enforcement? Who or what does a crime victim turn to for help and healing? Shattered Lives Radio listeners will have the opportunity to learn about resources for specific crime victims, i.e. domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as organizations who assist all victims of crime and value their rights. They will discuss the importance of victim assistance from national programs as well as the necessity for professional victim impact statements in court. Anne Seymour Anne Seymour has 30 years of experience as a national victim advocate.  She is a Co-founder of and Senior Advisor to …

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Shattered Lives: Dr. Cindy Hatfield Inside the Mind of Criminals

Shattered Lives Radio host, Donna R. Gore, continues interviews with experts who work with the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI). She welcomes renown criminal profiler, Dr. Cindy Hatfield to talk about what goes on in the mind of a criminal. Using her expertise and knowledge, Hatfield has consulted on several high-profile crimes and is able to is able to analyze a crime scene and give a detailed description of the criminal’s probable behaviors, habits, appearance, psychological make up,  and if they are a danger to others or themselves. Not only has Dr. Hatfield worked with investigators on high-profile crimes, but she has worked with federal corrections, undercover, with juvenile gangs, and of course, with CCIRI Executive Director, Sheryl McCollum and her students offering her expert opinion on cold cases. Tune in for the conversation about crime, profiling, and the upcoming “From the Scene of the Crime” teaching tour with experts and students affiliated with CCIRI. Shattered Lives: Dr. Cindy Hatfield Inside the Mind of Criminals

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Shattered Lives: Reversal of Parole, Connecticut Cop Killer

The sound of “Amazing Grace” played by a lone bagpiper resonated as a line of  Connecticut law enforcement officers honored the family of slain police officer, Robert Holcomb, as they left a victorious parole hearing for the person responsible for his murder. In 1977  Gerald “Gary” Castonguay was convicted of shooting Officer Holcomb to death, and in January 2015, without notice to Holcomb’s family, the Connecticut Pardon and Parole Board granted him parole beginning in July. Not only was the family outraged at this decision, but also fellow officers and the general public who campaigned through letters, emails, and calls to oppose Castonguay’s release. Granted a new hearing, the family was able to express their injustice and the parole was rescinded. More information can be found at Hartford Courant about this case and it’s outcome. Joining Shattered Lives Radio is former Connecticut State Victim Advocate and private practice attorney, Michelle S. Cruz to discuss this case, as well as the rights of victims and their families when a convict comes up for parole. Host, Donna R. Gore, …