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Shattered Lives Radio: Tad DiBiase “No Body” Prosecutor

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Often in missing persons cases the perpetrators are arrested before a body or remains are found if there is enough evidence or probable cause to show that the victim met with foul play. It’s a common belief that murder charges can not be established without a body to prove that a homicide has actually occurred, but that’s not the case, and there are hundreds of cases successfully prosecuted without a body.

Tad DiBiase, Shattered Lives Radio, Donna R. Gore

Tad DiBiase

Tad DiBiase, known as the “No Body Guy” began his career as a corporate litigator then changed course when joining the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia in 1995. Specializing in domestic violence and forensic homicide cases in the gritty D.C. Superior Court, DiBiase tried the city’s second “no body” case ever, followed by several other high profile cases. He’s the nation’s leading expert in “no body” cases and often consults with law enforcement and prosecutors across the country.

INo Body Homicide Cases Book covern his book, No-Body Homicide Cases: A Practical Guide to Investigating, Prosecuting and Winning Cases When the Victim is MissingDiBiase offers a practical guide for police and prosecutors and provides an expansive look at both the history of no- body murder cases and the best methods to solve them and present the case in court. The book is an essential resource for all investigators and a roadmap to a conviction for prosecutors.

Over 400 murder trials are reviewed in DiBiase’s book, and he offers a step by step checklist for those investigating and prosecuting those cases where the victim is still missing. He also includes reports of arrests, prosecutions and convictions of those cases on his website NoBodyMurderCases.Com

Tad DiBiase has appeared in several media outlets, including conferences, print, television and radio.

Shattered Lives Radio is honored to have Tad DiBiase as the guest for the hour to discuss specific cases, how they were prosecuted and how convictions were won. 

Shattered Lives Radio: Tad DiBiase “No Body” Prosecutor

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