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Human Trafficking Awareness Month Event at New Braunfels Library Hosts Dottie Laster

New Braunfels Public Library, Dottie Laster, Human Trafficking


New Braunfels Public Library, Dottie Laster, Human Trafficking

Thursday, January 29, 2015 the New Braunfels, Texas Public Library, 700 E. Common St., will be hosting a presentation by Dottie Laster of Bernardo Kohler Center and Laster Global Consulting in honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The event is free and open to the public to attend and learn about the effects of modern-day slavery.

Laster titles her presentation, “What Would Frederick Douglass Do?” based on the life work of the escaped slave and late 1800’s leader of the abolitionist movement, also Laster’s historical mentor. Reminding the audience of the struggles that Douglass was able to overcome, along with his accomplishments and successes, she sheds light on the condition of slavery, then and now. She will share her vision with the audience and not only encourage involvement, but demonstrate ways that everyone can contribute their talents.

Being inspired by the work of Frederick Douglass, Dottie Laster has been an inspiration to those whom she has trained and influenced to join the anti-human trafficking movement over the last 10 years.

“We have been equipped for the battlefield by Dottie’s patient and enduring mentorship.” Cat French of Elijah Rising

Dottie Laster has spent over 10 years in the effort of the anti-human trafficking movement nationally, and in her home state of Texas. She is the co-founder of the San Antonio, Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking and the past Administrator of the Orange County, California Human Trafficking Task Force and has successfully written millions in grants to assist children and victims of human trafficking. Currently, Laster is the Anti-Trafficking Coordinator with the Bernardo Kohler Center as an accredited representative recognized by the Bureau of Immigration Appeals to practice immigration law under BKC.

Laster is featured in the documentary on sex trafficking in Latin bars and cantinas, The Cantinera, and her direct rescue work is the subject of the MSNBC Documentary, Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue. She is the recipient of several human rights awards and has been featured in numerous publications including recent issues of Texas Monthly, Town Hall, and MORE Magazine.

Dottie Laster, human trafficking

Dottie Laster is the CEO of Laster Global Consulting which has consulted in several high-profile trafficking cases, and has been directly and indirectly responsible for the rescue and restoration of hundreds of trafficking victims. The strong multi-disciplinary team has an established track record and provide project development, consultancy, and training resources in domestic and international trafficking.

For more information visit her website DottieLaster.Com

To bring Dottie Laster to your community or event, please contact ImaginePublicity, Tel: 843-808-0859 or Email:

Human Trafficking Awareness Month Event at New Braunfels Library Hosts Dottie Laster


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