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Shattered Lives: KRUSH!

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Krush Kent, Guardian Angels, Shattered Lives

Krush Kent

“Krush” Kent is the street name for Baltimore Guardian Angel Assistant Chapter Commander. Before joining Guardian Angels, and known as Victoria, Krush was a victim of an abusive relationship which subsequently helped create an outreach organization to help recognize the patterns of abuse and honor the victims.

Relating her personal story, Krush tells listeners about the pattern of behavior of her abuser and how common traits are shared among abusers. She also talks about what it took for her to leave the relationship, how it was done, and the aftermath and positive approach she took.

By joining forces with Guardian Angels, Krush was finally free from the individual who continued to stalk and harass her. By showing him that there were others who had her back, along with restraining orders, he stopped.

Krush Kent created the organization, Remember Me, to bring awareness to the community of the loss of life, missing persons, and effects of domestic violence.Through the grass-roots beginnings of Remember Me, Krush profiled a person who was either missing or murdered, joined with the family and friends for vigils and created the “Honk” program. Quickly the media picked up on the events and their success. “Honks” are held in several states, along with local politicians, advocates, and families participating.

Guardian Angels began in 1979 as a volunteer-based organization made up of dedicated individuals who generously donate their time and energy to help protect communities around the world. They strive to empower community members to take pride in their neighborhoods and, by including marginalized youth, break the cycle of violence. More than just a safety patrol Guardian Angels work to bring awareness to the impact of crime through many outreach programs.


For detailed information about the Baltimore Chapter of the Guardian Angels, and specifics of Krush’s story, visit their website: BaltimoreGuardianAngels.Org


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