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Jeff Mudgett Featured at 2014 Chicago Ghost Conference

Chicago Ghost Conference, Jeff Mudgett, ImaginePublicity

Chicago Ghost Conference, Jeff Mudgett, ImaginePublicity

November 21-23, 2014 Chicago plays host to the epic paranormal gathering, the Chicago Ghost Conference. The who’s who of the paranormal world will be in attendance giving workshops, tours, and presentations. Attendees will meet several notables like Jeff Belanger of Ghost Adventures, Chicago historian, Adam Selzer, Dave Schrader host of Darkness Radio, and the great-great-grandson of H. H. Holmes and author of BLOODSTAINS, Jeff Mudgett. For complete list of guest speakers at the conference refer to the website, Chicago Hauntings

The Chicago Ghost Conference will be held at the historical Carl Schurz High School at 3601 North Milwaukee Avenue. The spectacular event is coordinated by Chicago Hauntings’ Ursula Bielksi who has hosted tours of selected haunted Chicago landmarks for 13 years, “…..From the sites of massive tragedies–like the Eastland disaster and the Iroqouis Theater Fire–to the bloody Fort Dearborn and St. Valentine’s Day Massacres… from the death site of Chicago’s most famous ghost,  “Resurrection Mary,”  to the body dump of legendary serial killer H. H. Holmes . . . From the cursed and deadly Hancock Building to the infamous Hull House, inspiration for “Rosemary’s Baby” 

Jeff Mudgett, Bloodstains, ImaginePublicity

Jeff Mudgett

Jeff Mudgett, is no stranger to one of the most chilling of haunted places, the remains of the “Murder Castle” at 63rd and Wallace in the Englewood section of Chicago. As described in Mudgett’s book, BLOODSTAINS, employees of the Post Office refused to set foot in the basement, the door downward kept barricaded, and only certain parts used as storage, but not many had ventured into the winding hallways built by Holmes in 1893. Contained within those hallways were rooms he used to trap his victims, perform despicable experiments, and ultimately, dispose of the bodies. The Murder Castle, and a tour of the basement with Jeff Mudgett, was featured on the History Channel’s “Haunted History.”

The 1893 Chicago World’s Fair was a triumph of architecture and technology that offered 27 million amazed visitors a preview of 20th century. But a mere mile down the road from the fair, one man, H.H. Holmes, was making history in a far more sinister way. He had built a hotel designed for murder, which would later be known as “The Murder Castle.” It was a three-story, block-long hotel designed with trap doors, gas chambers and vats of acid all meant to aid a madman in his efforts to murder 200 people. Today, the spirits of Holmes’ forgotten victims appear to astonished witnesses, attempting to tell the truth behind a story that remains shrouded in mystery over 100 years later. From Holmes’ hometown in New Hampshire, to the site of his hotel in Chicago, to the final resting place of his youngest victim in Indiana, voices and visions reveal the shocking truth behind one of most evil men in America’s history and the country’s first serial killer. TVPG

Mudgett recently made a “Grand Jury” presentation to audiences at Neumann University and Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion in Philadelphia, and participated in TEDxVancouver. His presentation interacts with the audience, swearing them in as grand jurors, as he presents evidence to the possibility that not only was H. H. Holmes America’s first serial killer, but also history’s infamous murderer, Jack the Ripper. Jeff Mudgett is available to swear in grand juries, and to speak and present at colleges, universities, and similar events and conferences.

The Chicago Ghost Conference will be leading a special tour for attendees to the Holmes Murder Castle and other sites of the same Victorian era where he lived and worked during the Chicago Worlds Fair. Several other tours and activities will be available as options to those in attendance at the conference.

For registration, featured guests, and pricing details refer to the website Chicago Hauntings.


Jeff Mudgett Featured at 2014 Chicago Ghost Conference



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  2. This seems like a wonderful opportunity, Jeff! I know there has been a significant following if the paranormal aspect. However, as a homicide survivor I you know the importance of your substantial evidence and the seriousness of these crimes. I know you will frame it well and still enjoy the journey. That’s what life for the living is truly about! Spread your wings! LJ

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