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Shattered Lives: Stopping a Domestic Violence Offender

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October is traditionally designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Shattered Lives Radio takes great pleasure in bringing back High Point, NC Police Chief Marty Sumner to help educate listeners about offender based policy initiatives.

Chief Sumner was first introduced to the show in August, 2014 and listeners were able to get an overview of the success of the proactive approach to domestic violence cases and how statistics have decreased in his jurisdiction since its inception. For details on the previous show and to listen to the podcast click here

Consider this :

1)  Re-arrest rates In the first two years of implementation re-offense rates using this deterrence program were only 9% per 1.000 + perpetrators as compared tov a 20-34% range typically found elsewhere.

2) In High Pont, since 2009, homicide rated dropped from 33% to 6 % (1 in 16) which were IPV related using the deterrence program.

By recognizing that offenders consistently escalate if not held accountable, resulting in increased family violence and often murder, Chief Sumner’s program has shown a decrease in intimate partner homicide as well as recidivism rates. For the complete report on the details and success of this program read: Offender Focused DV Initiative Report Aug 2014

Although traditional victim focus is still of utmost importance and resources for victims will always be needed, by curtailing offenders at the first offense there’s a likelihood that it will also restrict chronic offenders and remove the immediate danger to the victim more often.

Chief Marty A. Sumner is a thirty year veteran with the High Point, North Carolina Police Department.  Chief Sumner was appointed Chief of Police in March of 2012 after serving eight years as Assistant Chief plus one year as Deputy Chief.  Chief Sumner’s previous assignments include Major Crime Deterrence & Prevention, Patrol, Vice Narcotics, detectives, training, Administrative Assistant to the Chief, Field Training Supervisor, Field Training Commander and the Tactical Team retiring as the team commander in 2003.

Chief Sumner is a graduate of John Wesley College with a BA in Management and Ethics, the Southern Police Institute Administrative Officers Course at the University of Louisville in 2000 and the Senior Executives in State and Local Government at Harvard in 2006.

Chief Sumner helped design and implement the “High Point Model” approach to eliminating neighborhood drug markets, which won the 2007 Innovations in American Government award from the Ash Institute at Harvard and the 2008 National League of Cities Gold Award.

Shattered Lives: Stopping a Domestic Violence Offender

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