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Diane Fanning Featured at Crime Lab Detective Exhibit

2014 Diane Fanning book covers


2014 Diane Fanning book coversOn Saturday, October 11, Diane Fanning will be making a special appearance from 10:30am-12:30pm (Central) as part of the Crime Lab Detective Exhibit at Donald W. Reynolds Library located at 300 Library Hill, Mountain Home, Arkansas. The exhibit is sponsored by Friends of the Baxter County Library and runs from September 27 – November 2, 2014.

In Crime Lab Detective visitors are the lead detectives. They are challenged to examine the various clues, such as cloth fiber on a picket fence and tire marks, which will be useful in solving the crime. Families are encouraged to approach the exhibit as a team while students may explore it on their own or in groups.

Forensic Science concepts such as the study of fingerprints, chromatographs, DNA, insect lifecycles, tire marks, hair analysis, thread comparison and handwriting analysis are all covered in their pursuit of the culprit.

Crime Lab Detective has been developed by the Museum of Discovery, Little Rock, Arkansas. Check out the PROGRAM GUIDE for exciting CSI and safety programs happening at the Library!

With her background in research for her 13 true crime books, Diane Fanning is the next best thing to a “crime lab detective” and will share her process in preparation for a new book. She will share her background, what cases she has written about and why, and how the Lt. Lucinda Pierce detective series was created.

She will talk about her latest 2014 releases, true crime tale UNDER COVER OF THE NIGHT, and her first in the series historical novel SCANDAL IN THE SECRET CITY.

Fanning will answer questions from the audience as well as have autographed books available for purchase. There will be a drawing for one of her books.

Prior to her appearance she will be a guest on Talk of the Town radio with host, Debby Stanuch. The show will air at 12:30pm on local station KTLO FM 97.9

Diane Fanning, Author

Diane Fanning

Diane Fanning is one of America’s premier Crime novelists and True Crime authors.  At the top of a genre that often gets a rap in the literary world, Fanning brings esteem, doing due diligence when presenting a criminal case in book format.

Before writing her first true crime book, Fanning wrote for magazines,television, radio and ad agencies in Virginia, earning many awards, before she moved to Texas where her career in true crime blossomed, along with her work with several non profit organizations. She has served on the executive committees of the Writers’ League of Texas and the Heart of Texas chapter of Sisters in Crime and is also a member of Mystery Writers of America.

Diane Fanning is not only one of the queens of True Crime, she also pens a series of novels incorporating the character of Lt. Lucinda Pierce, a tough as nails detective who was once a disfigured victim of domestic violence, and now on a mission to solve crimes and put away criminals.  You can get to know Lucinda Pierce and walk through crime scenes collecting clues, learn about the criminals and the surviving victims within the pages of Trophy ExchangePunish the Deed, Mistaken Identity, Twisted ReasonWrong Turn, and Chain Reaction sold in all online and retail book stores.






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  1. This is so cool! Reminds me of our tour of the Henry Lee Forensics Institute at the University of New Haven with their simulated crime scenes and various learning labs! What a great opportunity! Excellent article too! Good Luck, Diane! LJ

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