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Katherine Svoi Symthe Returns with Co-Host Dottie Laster to The Roth Show

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Each Wednesday  Dr. Laurie Roth holds conversations with those in the know about particular crimes,criminals, issues, corruption, and wrongdoing. Tune in with co-host Dottie Laster and her guests to learn more about human trafficking, the dangers and what to do about it.


Dr. Laurie Roth and co-host Dottie Laster welcome back Katherine Svoi Smythe, continuing to tell the story of her own captivity and experience as a victim of human trafficking. Her book, Unbroken, was released in April and recounts the horrors she suffered as a child in the bondage of sex trafficking by her family. 

Katherine Svoi Symthe is the granddaughter of Lester Brown, whose cruelty to animals made the cover of Life magazine in 1966, that enraged Congress to pass the Animal Rights Law. Lester Brown moved to California where Smythe’s mother started buying children from the sex trade and abusing them. Smythe endured 17 years of torture, pain, and even witnessed her sister’s death by her mother.

In a recent interview with KENS5 in San Antonio, she reaches out to the community, San Antonio Police Department, and city council members, to toughen the stance on trafficking and create a task force to help dismantle trafficking in the local and surrounding areas in Texas.

Dottie Laster has been on the scene and in the streets for over 10 years working one to one with victims of trafficking. Her work has been the subject of several television shows, interviews, documentaries and films. Her association with Symthe, and their combined efforts with other local groups and individuals, has the ability to create change to a crime that is often hidden in plain view in every community across the country.

Katherine Svoi Symthe

Katherine Svoi Symthe, human trafficking victim, The Roth Show, Dottie Laster

Katherine Svoi Symthe

Professor Katherine Symthe survived a history of complex trauma of abuse on all levels. She utilizes her life experience as a living testimony of survival, success and connecting to an authentic life of value and celebration. Symthe facilitates students and/or clients to realize that they can achieve their dreams by providing them the instruction, counseling and resources to facilitate the process of “Embrace Your Destiny”. Professor Symthe earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the University of California, Riverside. Symthe holds diplomas in Educational Psychology, Psychology, and Teaching Skills for Educators. Additionally, she has over 20 various credentialed certificates in Psychology, Organization Psychology, Life Coaching, Virology, Successful Lifestyles, Counseling, and Mental Health. Professor Symthe is an International Best Selling Author on Amazon Kindle. She is currently working on her third book, “Defining Moments”, a memoir of her process of healing through depression in 2012. Symthe owns House of SVOI, a digital media company that writes, produces, hosts, and edits her own self-empowerment shows. House of SVOI is the home to Symthe’s productions of the Katherine Symthe Radio Show, PAW NEWS, KatSpeak and OUTSPokenWYN. Symthe is also a motivational speaker and certified life coach in personal development.

Katherine Symthe
Executive Digital Media Producer

Dottie Laster

Weekly Co-Host on the nationally syndicated radio show, The Roth Show, Laster presents discussion and guests to speak out about a variety of controversial subjects.

Dottie Laster is featured in the documentary on sex trafficking in Latin bars and cantinas, The Cantinera, and her direct rescue work is the subject of the MSNBC Documentary, Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue. She is the recipient of several human rights awards and has been featured in numerous publications including recent issues of Texas Monthly, Town Hall, and MORE Magazine.

Dottie Laster, human trafficking

Dottie Laster is the CEO of Laster Global Consulting which has consulted in several high-profile trafficking cases, and has been directly and indirectly responsible for the rescue and restoration of hundreds of trafficking victims. The strong multi-disciplinary team has an established track record and provide project development, consultancy, and training resources in domestic and international trafficking.

Katherine Svoi Symthe Returns with Co-Host Dottie Laster to The Roth Show

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