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TRAFFICKED Designs: Company Created to Employ Survivors of Human Trafficking

TRAFFICKED Designs, Dottie Laster, jewelry workshop

TRAFFICKED Designs, Dottie Laster, jewelry workshop

TRAFFICKED Designs is a New Braunfels, Texas start up company founded by Dottie Laster to employ survivors of human trafficking. Laster has been involved in the rescue and restoration of hundreds of victims across the country, and through the Bernardo Kohler Center she is accredited to practice immigration law.

Using acquired skills of the survivors to design and create jewelry, art and other products, the company assists rescued victims to better assimilate back into society by learning skills to re-enter the job market successfully.

The difficulty for victims needing a fresh start lies in a job market where background and credit checks limit the availability of meaningful employment. Resources for rescued victims are inadequate throughout the United States, clearly an area of need among every community whose budgets are at a minimum. Trafficking victims must have specialized care, safety from the traffickers, mental health treatment, and basics like food and shelter; then they need to be able to join the workforce and become self-sufficient.

“SOS: Save One Soul” by TRAFFICKED Designs

TRAFFICKED Designs introduced a line of handmade jewelry in 2011 aptly titled “SOS: Save One Soul” as part of Dottie Laster’s mission to assist rescued victims of human trafficking.

As a result of local publicity, the New Braunfels Art League, and jewelry maker, Lynda Medore have partnered with Laster to offer “make one, donate one” workshops on a monthly basis.

The workshop allows concerned citizens to be a part of the solution to human trafficking by learning to make a piece of jewelry. Attendees create one for themselves and one is donated to TRAFFICKED Designs’ inventory. The pieces are then sold with the proceeds going towards the hiring of more rescued victims.

The ultimate goal for TRAFFICKED Designs is to be profitable enough to offer a place of employment, continue to help victims strive, and contribute to the communities in a positive way. TRAFFICKED Designs is not a non-profit organization, but a viable company seeking profitability through the employment of those who may not be hired into other companies due to their backgrounds.

TRAFFICKED Designs jewelry and artwork may be purchased directly through Dottie Laster by email ( or through the company’s recently opened Etsy Store:

Trafficked Designs, Dottie Laster, Human Trafficking victims

TRAFFICKED Designs: Company Created to Employ Survivors of Human Trafficking


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