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Voice Actress Amy Robinson Creates Domestic Violence PSAs

Amy Robinson, Voice Actress, ImaginePublicity

Amy Robinson, Voice Actress, ImaginePublicity


Many organizations, advocates and citizens across the country are promoting national Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October raising awareness and educating the public about the nuances of violence in the home using traditional gatherings, events and speeches.

One woman who thinks outside the box has taken awareness a step further by creating FREE public service announcements to be used by any radio host, podcaster, or any means of broadcasting.

Amy Robinson has a stake in Domestic Violence Awareness Month, losing her sister to murder in 2011She created the blog, Justice for Nique, in memory of her murdered sister as a way of releasing her own emotions and being a resource for others.

Dominique “Niqué” Chatham Leili was murdered in July, 2011. Her husband, Matthew, is the only suspect. Her body was found concealed in the woods near the entrance to her subdivision in Lawrenceville, GA. Her husband has fled the state, and taken their two young daughters, Amanda and Rebecca, with him. This blog is to fight for Niqué’s memory – to provide a voice – to tell the truth so that one day her daughters have a record of who their mother really was and how much she sacrificed for them.

Amy had an idea to create the PSAs and put the idea out to her group and was surprised at the number of volunteers who stepped up to make her dream a reality.

These are PSAs for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you are in broadcasting, podcasting, or radio of any sort, please feel free and encouraged to download and distribute these freely. 


The following amazing and talented voice actresses (and a couple of their children!) contributed to this amazing project.


About Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson, Voice Actress, ImaginePublicity

Amy Robinson

“The girl next door with the smile you can hear.”

With a character for every occasion, and a voice that’s easy on the ears, Amy (Elk) Robinson can bring your characters right off the page.
An actress from a young age, Amy’s first taste for acting was in a school production of “The Giving Tree” where she played the tree at the tender age of 6. She’s come a long way since then, studying Voice Over acting with heavy hitters like Bob Bergen, Rob Paulsen, Della Cole, and Paul Armbruster.

Amy is always looking to stretch her acting muscles, and take on a new challenge. She recently recorded the upcoming audiobook for Susan Murphy-Milano‘s Autobiography “Holding My Hand Through Hell” where she tells the harrowing tale of growing up in an abusive household.

She has also performed in several video games for European gaming company “Artifex Mundi” and is the official voice of NCR Advanced Store’s training presentations.

Amy is currently studying Improvisation at Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta.

Offering a wide range of inflections and accents, female voiceover talent Amy Robinson can bring a variety of characters right off the page. Amy’s voice is fun, friendly, and very versatile.

Visit Amy’s Website: AmyRobinsonVO.Com

Voice Actress Amy Robinson Creates Domestic Violence PSAs



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  3. survivorsjustice says

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    Check out the PSA’s shared by Imagine Publicity for Domestic Violence Awareness Month!!!

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  5. This is the coolest, most creative and impactful idea for messaging I’ve seen in a LONG Time “Just listened to a few selections! . Kudos to Amy and the other talented Actresses! Let’s make them part of “Shattered Lives” too! The collage is the BEST too! Pass it on! Ladyjustice

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