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Jeff Mudgett Talks About Jack the Ripper Grand Jury on The Roth Show

Jeff Mudgett, Bloodstains, ImaginePublicity

Jeff Mudgett

The back story of Jeff Mudgett’s BLOODSTAINS has been told many times over the last two years since its publication, but the recent news of DNA proof of the identity of Jack the Ripper has “Ripperologists” all abuzz about its veracity. Could bloodstains on an alleged victim’s shawl contain DNA evidence of the Ripper? The controversy continues to be debated. (Check out the Twitter hashtag #JackTheRipper for all kinds of opinions!)

During presentations in Philadelphia September 26, Mudgett will use the audience as a “grand jury.” He will present the evidence collected through his research since writing BLOODSTAINS that the true identity of the Ripper may be his great-great-grandfather, America’s first serial killer, H. H. Holmes (Herman Webster Mudgett).

Dr. Laurie Roth has welcomed Jeff Mudgett as a guest on her nationally syndicated The Roth Show several times. He has talked about his nefarious ancestor and the heinous crimes he committed in Chicago’s infamous “Murder Castle.” He’s related to listeners his personal encounter with the ghosts that haunt him in the form of remembering victims, as well as Holmes himself. As he made his way through the basement of what remains of the Murder Castle, he was filmed by the History Channel making that chilling trip through the same tunnels Holmes used to transport his victims to various torture and disposal chambers.

During the latest radio broadcast of The Roth Show, Mudgett and Roth discuss the recent developments in the news concerning the Jack the Ripper identity and how an unbiased grand jury could open the door to prove probable cause by using professional investigative techniques and modern technology. Evidence will be presented by the prosecutor (Jeff Mudgett is a former attorney) that H. H. Holmes is the likely identity of Jack the Ripper.

Jeff Mudgett also updates listeners about the unidentified remains that could possibly be buried under the site of the Chicago Murder Castle at 63rd and Wallace in the Englewood area. When the United States government procured the property, razed the Murder Castle and built a post office, the possibility of hundreds of victims’ remains was ignored. Mudgett hopes to change that oversight by appealing to have the site exhumed much like the case of Florida’s Dozier School for Boys.

For the latest updates directly from the author of BLOODSTAINS be sure to listen to the podcast of The Roth Show for details:

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Jeff Mudgett Talks About Jack the Ripper Grand Jury on The Roth Show


  1. Jeff- The blog radio podcast we did with you for Shattered Lives Radio from the victim’s perspective is still one of my favorites! It’s great to have you showcased in the manner! LJ

  2. Sounds like a fascinating show! Will listen on the archives! Wishing you all the best, Jeff! LJ

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