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Shattered Lives Radio: The Henry C. Lee Institute in Review

Henry C. Lee

Shattered Lives Radio, Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

Over the years Shattered Lives Radio has presented several shows with guests from the Henry C. Lee Institute in New Haven, CT, including a visit with the well known expert, Henry Lee himself.

Donna Gore and Henry C. Lee

Donna Gore and Henry C. Lee

The Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science links scholars, students, forensic scientists, the legal community and professional practitioners in many fields in addressing the scientific and social issues confronting forensic science and the criminal justice system throughout the world. Through training, consultation, research and a unique public learning center, the Institute’s goal is to make the criminal justice system more effective. This is achieved through more accurate and cost-effective crime scene investigations and better crime prevention measures.

Dr. Henry C Lee is one of the most popular instructors in crime scenes, forensic evidence and criminal investigation in the law enforcement field. A giant in the field of forensic science, he has assisted law enforcement agencies in over 6,000 major investigations and cases around the world.

Dr. Lee believes that with 40 years of experience, his major area of specialization is putting the case together; reconstructing a crime. He is quoted as saying that the success lies in how you interpret the results. Because of his many years as one of the world leading forensic scientists Dr Lee is a leading proponent of a focussed local and systematical approach to crime and to processing a crime scene.

Take the opportunity to listen to the podcasts featuring the esteemed colleagues of the Henry C. Lee Institute and learn about this amazing facility and it’s impact on the criminal justice system.

Crime Wire/Shattered Lives: Two Hour Special Broadcasting LIVE From Henry C. Lee Institute

Donna Gore, Dennis Griffin, Tim Palmbach

Donna Gore, Dennis Griffin, Tim Palmbach

Shattered Lives Radio Host Donna R. Gore and her guest, true crime author Dennis N. Griffin, kicked off her professional relationship with a private tour of the Institute and afterwards a two-hour special radio broadcast with guests, Tim Palmbach and the renowned, Dr. Henry C. Lee.

Elaine Pagliaro Discusses DNA and Forensics

Elaine Pagliaro Shattered Lives

Elaine Pagliaro

DNA technology has made large strides in the last several years and has played a part in many areas of criminal justice including wrongful convictions and identifying perpetrators of crime through exact science. Elaine Pagliaro was a guest speaker at the CUE Center for Missing Persons and her explanations of all things DNA were presented in a down to earth, easy to understand format.

Tim Palmbach Talks Forensics!

Tim Palmbach

Tim Palmbach

One of the nation’s leading experts on crime scene reinactment, Tim Palmbach talks about forensics that you don’t see on CSI! Tim Palmbach has committed to working with anti-trafficking non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to pilot the integration of DNA technology into their efforts to combat trafficking in the sex trade industry.

Focus on Forensics with Peter Valentin

Peter Valentin

Peter Valentin

Peter finished a distinguished career with the Connecticut State Police in August of 2011, retiring as a Detective in the Major Crime Squad.  His work encompassed the investigation of homicides, suspicious deaths and other major crime scenes.  As a member of Connecticut’s elite Urban Search and Rescue team, he has extensive training in detecting criminal activity at a major disaster and also functions as a rescue specialist, focused on saving injured and trapped victims.

He has received extensive training on a variety of forensic investigative techniques including blood spatter interpretation, anthropology, bombing/explosive investigations, alternate light sources for evidence collection, crime scene photography and disaster crime scene management.

Peter Valentin Evaluates a Crime Scene

As a victim of crime anyone would want to know that the investigation was conducted professionally, thoroughly, and with the proper conclusions based on the evidence at the crime scene. Unlike CSI and other popular television shows and movies, the reality of forensics and crime scene investigation is far removed.


Shattered Lives Radio: The Henry C. Lee Institute in Review

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