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Dr. Laurie Roth on a National Story: The Church of Wells

Church of Wells exposed, Dr. Laurie Roth, The Roth Show

Known as “The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves,” Dr. Laurie Roth rides onto the scene, microphone blazing and exposing deception!

Dr. Laurie Roth, The Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

Dr. Laurie Roth

The latest shocking series of events revolves around the Texas based Church of Wells where it’s alleged that several young people have been lured by their innocent search for a closer walk with God, giving up family, friends, and money to be a part of the church.

Church of Wells is no stranger to controversy, and the most recent controversy surrounds one of their members, Catherine Grove. 

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The media has been on the story, but why is this even a story?

The background and allegations that Catherine Grove, along with several other young people, have been lured and held at the Church of Wells evokes memory of the Jim Jones and Waco tragedies, all in the name of securing a spot in heaven. Some have escaped and recount their stories about how it is inside Church of Wells. (News coverage and extensive investigative stories by KETK)

Catherine Grove, Church of Wells, Dr. Laurie Roth

Catherine Grove
(photo from Lufkin Daily News)

On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 the parents of Catherine Grove made an appearance on The Roth Show, a nationally syndicated radio show, hosted by Dr. Laurie Roth, which spotlights conservative politics, crime, and corruption. During the interview with Andy and Patty Grove, the nature of their daughter’s “conversion” to the Church of Wells was revealed, along with the alleged details of how Catherine tried to escape and was tracked by dogs for 18 hours in cold weather, only to be returned to the church members and sent to the “prayer closet.” (Facebook page with extensive information)

After much study, prayer, and revealing information about Catherine and the Church of Wells, Dr. Laurie Roth was outraged that these parents are being denied access to their daughter. The daughter of a minister, and a practicing evangelical Christian with a PhD in Psychology, Roth is no stranger to the teachings of the Bible, and how out of context scriptures are often used to send a message, not necessarily intended interpretation of the word of God.

Dr. Laurie Roth has always been unafraid to tackle the controversial, calling things as she sees them, in order to expose the truth. Roth is writing a series of articles  to get details to the public about what’s going on in Wells, Texas and how to help.

If anyone is afraid or reluctant to leave the Church of Wells for fear of retribution, Email:   Or call and leave a message at: 206-984-6859. There is now solid help at the other end.

Dr. Laurie Roth appears as a guest on Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman 

Change Already, Spiritual Trends, When Religion Goes Wrong, Dr. Laurie Roth

Articles on The Roth Show Website about the Church of Wells and pleading for Catherine Grove to meet with her family privately:

Is the Church of Wells creating the exclusive pull to Separateness’ and describing families as being ‘idols’, to seduce and trap new members away from everything and everyone except them? For what purpose? Who gains in this? (read complete article #1)

You just wanted to get closer to the Lord and grow, even if that meant setting yourself apart from the ‘world.’  You were young, good looking, a seeker and had some money and skills…perfect.  On cue the Church of Wells, cult leadership seduced you, skyped you, called you and walked you through classic, cult grooming steps.  You eagerly came to Wells Texas and trusted their rhetoric.   You had found something amazing.

Soon however, everything began to change in your life.  Finances and contacts were completely redefined at Church of Wells.  Theology, right and wrong and what you always thought God wanted in your life was rewritten before your very eyes.  Black was now white, friends and family were now enemies, hopes and dreams were now sinful delusions of the world, and leaving would land you in endless sin and hell. 

Where do I go now? (read complete article #2)

Rick said:  “Let my son go with his Father so he can be with the Lord.” Erika said:  No Rick we already had this conversation.”  Rick said: Then you are going to die.”  Erika said:  Rick we are all going to die.”  Rick said:  “No Erika, very soon you are going to die – soon.  I know the date and time.  Erika said:  “When am I going to die Rick,”  Rick said: “You will die soon and I won’t tell you.”  Erika said: “Rick, this is very Christian of you to threaten me.”

Erika said the conversation soon ended after that.  She was certain he had come to town to kidnap her boy and threaten her, even kill her if necessary to get her boy.  The chilling audio recording of his Rick’s statements to Erika will be released at a later time as to not compromise upcoming court appearances. (read complete article #3)

Witnesses have said that now Church members are being constantly flooded with ‘martyrdom’ sermons.  They are told that they will be martyred for Christ and that when the evil pressure and heat builds big enough they will go into one of their homes together and go up in a holy fire.’  Now, they are training the members to expect death and be ready to follow orders.  They are the ‘godly persecuted ones,’  Is the Jim Jones saga closer than we realize? (read complete article #4 Church of Wells – Using Hypnosis, threats, Scripture as weapons — Remaking Minds, Hearts and Souls to their Evil Agenda)

Naturally as in all human trafficking and cult systems, there is a well-practiced and enforced mixture of threats, punishment, fear and hope.  Love drips in between the emotional and physical terror.  “There is too much sin in your life to be truly saved.”  “As long as you want sleep, relationships with your family and control over who you marry and money, you are consumed by and worshipping idols.  “Back in the locked prayer closet for you.”  “It is sin and arrogance to believe that Jesus paid ALL the price for your sin on the cross.” 

“You must give it all up, work and struggle, submit and separate, forget and disconnect from everything except us ‘anointed’ and powerful church leaders in Church of Wells….then you may one day be saved and not burn in hell.” (Read complete article #5 Church of Wells – Digging Spiritual-Financial and Physical Graves for Members)

It is the Pseudo-Christian Cult that I am focusing on and officially adding ‘Church of Wells’ to this list. Church of Wells is a dangerous and evil cult that has nothing at all to do with real Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I will spell out the many reasons why it is NOT Christian and WHY it is an evil cult. (article #6) 6 Reasons Church of Wells is a dangerous and evil cult – NOT a Christian growth experience

Who is the REAL Laurie Roth? I am no poser and am a real Christian who loves the Lord and reads scripture every day.  I have for years and attend a real evangelical Christian Church.  Regarding comments on my photos….nice aren’t they!  I have never ever done smutty photos in any stage of my career, nor slept around, played lose or done drugs.  Looking nice is not a sin, nor being in the media and putting your best foot forward.  Jealous are we??? (article #7) The Attacks are coming for taking on Church of Wells

Let us cut to the bottom line Jake Gardner and others.  It is not about ego, sinfulness or wanting to persecute or hurt anyone that I have written so many articles on Church of Wells. You can read them all at:   I am not Pharaoh’s daughter, a slut or spiritual faker trying to hurt people. Family members and I are confronting deceit, lies and abuse of Church leaders against members simply seeking the Lord.  We are exposing the facts of what is going on at Church of Wells and they are ugly and adding up!  “You can ‘exit’ where ever you want people.  Just don’t buy the bull rot and ‘exit’ to Church of Wells.” Church of Wells leadership is peppered and soaked to the bone marrow in pride, arrogance and deceit.  Sometimes it drips gooey love.  Sometimes it drips ‘scripture weapons and speeches out of context.  Sometimes it drips exploitation, lies and classic abuse. Elders are wrong and evil because of the lies they push down member’s throats and cult tactics they use to enslave and snare people to stay.(article #8) ‘Ill Affected’ – Laurie Roth’s words – Exit from the World slavery to ‘Church of Wells’ REALLY??  (in response to a blog post and emails “dedicated” to Laurie Roth)

Let Catherine Grove out now and all the media attention can stop. Walk her to a safe house or Pastor Goodwin at the Methodist Church in Wells, where she can be re connected with her family and get the much needed physical, mental, spiritual and emotional help she needs. This is as serious as serious gets. Don’t turn this into another blog post or sermon. You had better turn it into ACTION.(article #9)  Church of Wells – ALL the media attention can stop if you let Catherine Grove go before it is too late

If you don’t have joy, peace and freedom in Christ at Church of Wells you are in an evil poser Cult.  If you don’t feel called to relationship in Christ, togetherness and love for family and even the world, you are in an evil poser Cult. 

Remember, Jesus came to love, heal and save the world, not separate off somewhere into a temple to be Holy and pray.  Instead he walked His love, power and hope everywhere IN THE WORLD.  Walk to a safe place in town and call for help.  It will come and you can get your life going again.  Walk to anyone of the Christian churches in town that no doubt your elders have said are evil.  Go to the Methodist or Baptist church or walk to a phone booth or home and ask to use a private phone.  We will get you safely out.  Do it!  (article #10)  Church of Wells – Creates Spiritual Glue Traps

Thank you for your emails and face book messages of courage Wells TX citizens. Bravo to you all. Also, thank you for the invite to come to town. Someone had referred to a get together this Saturday. However, it will take a bit of planning and work for me to get there. I live in Washington State, am a Mom and busy national radio talk show host and commentator. Nevertheless, I want and plan to come to Wells TX. More and more I have felt in my spirit I am to come there. I will keep you posted as the details fall into place. It will be soon. A few of you noticed my passion. You are right. I AM passionate about freedom, the real message of Christ and the truth. Sadly it appears Church of Wells leadership is passionate about slavery, the invented message of their redefined, ‘puppet Christ’ and lies. (article #11)   Church of Wells – Parents worst nightmare

Apparently to many of the Church of Wells supporters and elders I am cursed because I ‘curse’ the saints of Christ.  I am indeed judged by God as a murderer.  There is just no justice in America, because here I am walking around free as a murderer.  Others have exposed the worldly trollop I am because they studied my show web site and saw my promo pictures…evil, I tell you.  Though fully clothed and smiling for the camera in several poses, I will confess to the enlightened ones at Church of Wells, that I did comb and spray my hair for the photo and freshened my make up.  I know, I am from the pit and I will burn — loose hussy — murderer and cursed of God.  Matthew had this ‘prophetic’ word for me and I thank him. (article #12)   Church of Wells – Curse the ‘saints’ of Christ’ REALLY?

There is too much at stake to play games or have an ego fight.  Church of Wells elders, theology and behaviors all reveal themselves as false, UN Christian, evil and not of Christ Jesus at all.  Some of you stuck in the Church of Well’s Glue trap accuse me of cursing the saints…being a false witness and pretend Christian.  I am every manner of fake and evil, simply because I am getting too close to the booty, their controlled lair, harem and criminal enterprise.Elders of Church of Wells according to the endless facts and witnesses I know of and have researched, foment fear and terror of Hell and damnation.  These are their big assault weapons that terrorize members to stay and keep away from the evil world and family influence. The Church of Wells Elders are known for their ‘scream’ preaching about the depravity of the body and mind.  One is not saved until the ‘self anointed’ elder declares one is saved.  Elders have said on the record several times that they reject the truth of John 3:16, 17 and 18.  They have taken the very heart and soul out of the Holy Bible now and have remade theology and truth as they go.  (article #13)   Church of Wells – Scripture and Holy War – Bring it!

Dr. Laurie Roth’s articles are published on many leading websites spanning the nation and the world, most often on conservative politics, but she also devotes her writings to reflect current issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking and crime of corruption. Listeners can hear Roth on the air every day at with many experts and advocates.

The Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

Other recent coverage of the Church of Wells:

Texas Monthly

The Younger Years of the Church Elders

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Religious group staking its claim in Texas

Dr. Laurie Roth on a National Story: The Church of Wells


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  3. Sunny says

    How would anyone know that she was sent to a prayer closet? If you know that, wouldn’t that mean she spoke to her parents?

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  5. anon says

    She wasn’t tracked by “dogs for 18 hours”, nor “returned to the church and sent to the prayer closet.”
    She DID walk away from them. Her intentions at the time are unclear.

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