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Audio Books: Don’t You Love Them?

audiobook, new books, digital format


audiobook, new books, digital format

Take a book to the beach! An AUDIOBOOK!


In our fast paced and over connected world it’s hard to find time to sit down and read a good book. While painting the living room, jogging, or riding the train, you can have a wonderful experience of old, a story told!

Storytelling is an ancient tradition, history passed down, or just funny anecdotes about familiar experiences, listening to someone telling a story is as relaxing and comfortable as hearing a book being read as a child.

We understand the importance of reading to our children, making it a bedtime ritual, teaching them language at an early age. We want them to be familiar with words, so we teach them to read. With the advent of radios, computers, and ebooks from the internet, we’ve turned to yet another way to hear the words on a page, audio books.

ImaginePublicity clients offering audiobooks

Diane Fanning,ImaginePublicityDiane Fanning, award-winning true crime author and crime novelist, has several of her true crime books and the Lucinda Pierce series available in audio with more to follow.

Listeners will hear the story of Caylee Anthony’s tragic fate in Mommy’s Little Girl. Also available, the true story of a woman and the strange and suspicious deaths of two husbands in Her Deadly Web, or Written In Blood, the account of the high-profile murder case in North Carolina of writer, Michael Peterson, along with Under the Knife and Gone Forever.

If a crime mystery fits the bill, the Lucinda Pierce series, beginning with The Trophy Exchange and Punish the Deed are thrillers. Lucinda Pierce is a Virginia homicide detective severely disfigured when she appears in the first book, a tough broad with an attitude, but also a huge heart, seeking justice to be the way it should be.

More of Diane Fanning’s upcoming releases will be available in audio. Watch for Scandal in the Secret City and Under Cover of the Night releasing in Fall 2014 and available for pre-order now.

Listing of all Diane Fanning audio books:



Ideas for audio books

“I also listen to audiobooks on my iPod while I’m trying to get to sleep. I suffer from insomnia and I can’t very well put a light on and sit up and read with my poor boyfriend trying to sleep right there next to me, so I listen to audiobooks on headphones and find it very relaxing.”
 “I love them. I listen in the car, I listen on my walks, I listen doing chores and gardening”. 
 “I listened to several hours of an audiobook when I was painting my living room, and when I was making lots of greetings cards a while back.”

BLOODSTAINS! One of the most chilling stories of the past has come back to haunt us!

Author of BLOODSTAINS, Jeff Mudgett discovers that he is the great-great-grandson of the infamous serial killer, H. H. Holmes. The story of Mudgett’s discovery and subsequent investigation into his family tree has opened up yet another Pandora’s Box of questions seeking answers.Bloodstains, Jeff Mudgett,ImaginePublicity
This frightening tale can now be heard in audiobook format!  Read by professional actors, Kim Estes, Tim Ellis, and Jeff Mudgett himself, BLOODSTAINS takes listeners deep into the places of the soul often hidden from view. The author’s account and his experiences gives readers one jolt after another, imagine what it’s like to hear it!
Mudgett is offering a FREE 3 chapter sample and purchase of BLOODSTAINS in digital audio at the website. 



Audio Books: Don’t You Love Them?


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  1. This is a GREAT way to showcase favorite authors! I think I tried this before . Would love to read the Michael Peterson book. It Looks like you have to sign up for a subscription for Audible. I was hoping you could “cherry pick “based on your individual time schedules. Maybe I’ll do it anyway…. Thanks!

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