1. Thank You, Excellent Article! it gave me so much to work with in just a short piece. It also reinforced what I have learned about the importance of building relationships in social media marketing. Thank You Again.

  2. I have found a marketing strategy is the best way to find long-term success in today’s SEO environment. Keep social media up to date in your strategy and make sure your overall marketing message works together with your SEO efforts and success will find you. At least it has worked for me. Thanks for the article!

  3. Very interesting! I always learn so much from these posts, as it is almost like a “new language” for me. I’m all about long range planning… which I’ve learned can get me in trouble sometimes. LOL But, in this case, I so agree. Imagine Publicity isn’t into building client hype or fluff “for the moment,” for we all deserve better. What happens when you put out a campfire? ‘Just little hot ashes remain for awhile. That’s not what I want. It’s quality and longevity! LJ

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