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Shattered Lives: Nancy O’Malley, District Attorney, A Champion for Rights

Nancy O'Malley, District Attorney Alameda County

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As the District Attorney for Alameda County, California, Nancy O’Malley gives much more than lip service to the issues facing citizens across the country. Working within the system in California she has diligently worked on several fronts to enhance the rights of victims of crime.

Nancy O'Malley, District Attorney Alameda County

Nancy O’Malley

Although many legislative actions have made changes in favor of offenders, O’Malley is the nationally recognized expert for advancing rights of crime victims in her state, and recently wrote two statutes, worked on a third, that are now laws in California. Each of them articulate the dignity, and respect victims of crime are to be given in the criminal justice system.

O’Malley will talk about Orders of Restitution in the state of California and how the legislature and the courts have laid out how these orders are to be handed down in all cases which warrant. It goes so far as to state that any “sentence that fails to include or intentionally omits a restitution award is an invalid sentence.” A landmark for the compensation to victims who have been historically ignored, is now upheld. Restitution Right to Restitution – History

Shattered Lives Radio is honored to present a small portion of the award winning works of Nancy O’Malley. Listeners will also hear about her work advocating funds for the elimination of untested rape kits, a serious problem throughout every jurisdiction in the country. It’s estimated that more than 400,000 untested rape kits are in police evidence rooms. DNA Pilot Project   Several of the new statutes O’Malley worked on surrounds advocating for victims of sexual assault, providing them with a trained rape crisis advocate if being examined in the hospital if there is no police presence.

Among the many facets of victims’ rights advocacy O’Malley is involved in she is working within Alameda County to eliminate human trafficking of minors through the Initiative of H.E.A.T. Watch (H.E.A.T. is Human Exploitation And Trafficking) being the first prosecutor office in the country to have a Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit.

Please join us to welcome Nancy O’Malley to the show and, if time and schedules permit, to future shows in order to cover all of the important topics in more depth.

Shattered Lives: Nancy O’Malley, District Attorney, A Champion for Rights

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