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Jack the Ripper & H.H.Holmes One and the Same? Evidence!


H. H. Holmes, photo via Calumet 412


Once all the books and theories are read and discussed, it’s time to read BLOODSTAINS by Jeff Mudgett and take look at plausible conclusions to the identity of Jack the Ripper based on collected evidence from the author, other historians, and historical accounts.

Mudgett raises the question of Ripper’s identity in only one chapter of BLOODSTAINS, but within that chapter lies information that, with proper assistance, could develop into one of the best evidence based theories in history. After the book was published, Mudgett continued researching his theory and uncovered even more evidence connecting Holmes as Jack the Ripper, enough to warrant a very close look.

What kind of evidence has been collected to establish probable cause?

  • Timelines of Holmes presence in London and the infamous “Ripper Gap”7wat
  • Holmes’ knowledge of investigatory and forensic techniques of the time
  • Photographic comparisons
  • Handwriting comparisons and analysis
  • Information from Scotland Yard

Jeff Mudgett makes no claims on the accuracy of his theory, and welcomes professional scrutiny, but presents what he knows to readers and audiences to come to their own conclusions about what he considers compelling evidence of Holmes and the Ripper to be one and the same. Just as a good attorney in a court of law, Mudgett sets the scene for the case and carefully explains each point of evidence, along with the pattern of conduct established by his deep knowledge of Holmes.

“Still, the idea that the two most prolific serial killers of the late 19th Century, (H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper), are actually one person is not only incredibly compelling, it’s totally plausible and worth continuing to look into. (Consider the tidbit that Holmes did allegedly travel to London in 1888, the year of the Ripper’s murders.)”     The Chicago Sun-Times


One of the ongoing issues is the sheer number of theories on the identity of Jack the Ripper, one of the most celebrated unsolved murders of all time, as well as the vehemence of “Ripperologists” each seeking to prove their individual theories. The one thing lacking is hard evidence, which is exactly what Jeff Mudgett is offering up to those seeking the truth.  Mudgett says of his investigation, “the truth is a beautiful thing to me, a gorgeous thing.”

Bloodstains, Jeff Mudgett,ImaginePublicity


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  • BLOODSTAINS,  Journey of the Decendant of serial killer H. H. Holmes
  • Evidence of Jack the Ripper and H. H. Holmes, Are They One and the Same? You Decide
  • Epilepsy: The Hidden Diagnosis
  • Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing: Pros and Cons

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For more information about purchasing BLOODSTAINS, refer to the website BloodstainsTheBoook.Com

“While most of BLOODSTAINS is absolutely true, portions are a figment of my very fertile imagination, so jump on, buckle your seat belt tight and prepare to experience the wildest literary ride you’ve been on in quite a while.” JLM


 Jack the Ripper & H.H.Holmes One and the Same? Evidence!


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