Dr. Scott Bonn
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Scott Bonn Joins Crime Time with Vito Colucci: Why We Love Serial Killers!

Dr. Scott Bonn, Doc Bonn, Wicked Deeds, Psychology Today
Dr. Scott Bonn, Doc Bonn, Wicked Deeds, Psychology Today

Dr. Scott Bonn

Sunday, July 6 at 11pm Eastern time, Dr. Scott Bonn joins the weekly broadcast of Crime Time with Vito Colucci on BizTalk Radio.

Criminals, crime, and its many facets, are the traditional subjects of Crime Time with Vito Colucci, and this week listeners will gain understanding about the public’s fascination with some of the most horrible criminals, serial killers, as Doc Bonn and Vito Colucci discuss the media’s role in creating public perception, sometimes shaping these heinous individuals into pop culture heroes.

The theme, Why We Love Serial Killers, is also the title of the new book by Scott Bonn. Bonn approaches the subject matter with an analytical eye, examining not only the motivations of the killers, but dispelling some of the myths surrounding serial killers and their crimes.

Through his personal correspondence with two serial killers, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) and Dennis Rader (BTK Killer), Bonn is able to give readers a first hand glimpse into the reality of the infamous killers and where they are today.

Dr. Scott Bonn (“Doc Bonn”) is Professor of Criminology, media expert and analyst, public speaker and author. He is an expert on criminal behavior and the motivations of criminals.  He offers insights into various types of crime, including white-collar, state crime, bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault and serial homicide.  His expert commentary frequently appears in the popular news media, including the A&E documentary, The Long Island Serial Killer. He writes a regular column for Psychology Today, titled Wicked Deedsoffering unique insights into criminal motives and behavior.

Why We Love Serial Killers:The Curious Appeal of the World’s Most Savage Murderers is available for pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, and local bookstores with a 25% discount. The book will be delivered in October, the official launch date.

Why We Love Serial Killers Book Details:Why We Love Serial Killers, Dr. Scott Bonn, ImaginePublicity

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (October 7, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1629144320
  • ISBN-13: 978-1629144320


Tune in Sunday, July 6 at 11pm Eastern on Biz Talk Radio to hear the show!

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VitoCCrime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I. features anything crime related. Current high-profile cases or trials are discussed in detail with commentary from law enforcement experts and lawyers.

Tune in each Sunday night at 11PM Eastern to hear Vito and his guests on Biz Talk Radio.   “Listen Live” listen later by going to the Archives/Podcasts.

Vito Colucci, Jr., owner of Colucci Investigations LLC, is a former member of the Stamford, CT Police Department where he worked as a Narcotic’s Detective and Undercover Organized Crime Investigator. One of the main investigations Vito spearheaded during that time was uncovering the organized crime ties within his own police department.

Vito has been a private investigator for the past 22 years, working many high-profile cases; Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley case, Jayson William’s case, and honeymooner, George Smith’s case .

Vito Colucci is a regular commentator on various news programs including: Fox News MSNBC, Catherine Crier/Court TV, Star Jones, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Larry King, CNN Headline News, and The Bill O’Reilly Show.


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