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Shattered Lives: The Many Victims of Hostage Situations

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All across the country law enforcement agencies are called during hostage situations, whether hostages being held for demands, political purposes, or more commonly relationship disputes. None of the described situations tend to end well. Either the perpetrators or the hostages are harmed, physically, mentally and emotionally.

But what about the ripple effect these situations have on not only the immediate victims and family, but the law enforcement and other personal, as well as those who put endless hours negotiating for a safe resolution?

Shattered Lives Radio welcomes hostage negotiators, Derek Gaunt and Sandy Hein.

They will talk about a real life case from Alexandria, Virginia, the set up of the circumstances, how terms were negotiated, and the outcome. Listeners will be taken inside to what goes on during a hostage situation and how if affects so many.

Derek Gaunt

Derek Gaunt

Derek Gaunt will give listeners an inside look into hostage negotiations and how he and other professionals from The Black Swan Group in Washington, DC have been successful in navigating through difficult circumstances.

Listeners will learn valuable information about what to do and how to act should you find your self in a hostage taking situation and how best to protect yourself and those around you.  Gaunt will also discuss the after effects of a hostage situation on its victims and resources available to minimize the negative repercussions.

A former law enforcement officer, Derek Gaunt is currently a negotiator and trainer for The Black Swan Group using his skills not only in negotiating with hostage takers, but also within the corporate world. He teaches courses for law enforcement training, military and security personnel.

Sandra Hein

Sandy Hein

Sandra Hein is a respected hostage negotiator and trainer in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area with many years of experience in managing hostage-barricades and training new negotiators. She served as a detective with the Alexandria Police Department in Alexandria, Virginia before retiring in 2012.

Sandy is a 23-year law enforcement veteran who was assigned to the Hostage Negotiations Team for ten years.  Sandy was a certified Instructor with the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) for the Commonwealth of Virginia and served on the training faculty of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (VSDVAA).  She has trained law enforcement officers and allied professionals in the areas of sexual violence, SART response, crisis intervention, hostage negotiation, and police investigative procedures.

Detective Hein served on the Treatment and Intervention Committee for Governor Kaine’s State Commission on Sexual Violence. She was recognized with the Vola Lawson Award by the Alexandria Commission on Women at the 2011 Salute to Women Awards for her work in the area of Sexual Violence.

 Shattered Lives: The Many Victims of Hostage Situations



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