Dottie Laster, The Cantinera Documentary
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Dottie Laster Speaks at Film Screening About Human Trafficking in Texas

Dottie Laster


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Friday, June 20, 2014 the Comal County Unitarian Universalist Society will be screening The Cantinera Documentary at 6:30 pm Central time. Dottie Laster, who is featured in the film, will be on hand after the screening to conduct dialogue and answer questions with attendees. On Sunday June 22 Dottie will continue the conversation during the 10:30 Sunday service at the church. The church is located at 135 Alves Lane, New Braunfels, TX 78130 and the screening is open to the public.

The Cantinera captures the essence of trafficking for sex in the gritty bars and hidden back rooms in Houston’s cantinas. Viewers are taken into the secret life along with a group of advocates who fearlessly tread into dangerous situations looking for victims and offering help. All the while, the film records the true story of one cantinera who was brought into the life by her mother at 13, how she lived for 23 years drinking 30 beers a night, and how she longs for sobriety and a second chance.

The Comal County Unitarian Universalist Society is seeking to strengthen the awareness of human trafficking within the communities of the congregation, educating members on the basics of trafficking and encouraging community members to become involved in the issue. They meet each Wednesday evening for an adult forum consisting of interesting programs and discussion presented by members, friends or outside presenters.

Dottie Laster, human traffickingDottie Laster is the CEO of Laster Global Consulting which has consulted in several high profile trafficking cases, and has been directly and indirectly responsible for the rescue and restoration of hundreds of trafficking victims. The strong multi-disciplinary team has an established track record and provide project development, consultancy, and training resources in domestic and international trafficking.

The Cantinera Documentary has been shown on college campuses and human trafficking conferences since it’s release. It’s encouraged to bring experienced human trafficking speakers to events to conduct discussion and answer questions following the screening of the film. Dottie Laster and Producer/Director Ruth Villatoro are both available to come to communities to lead interactive discussions about the film and human trafficking in detail.

To schedule a screening and speakers please contact ImaginePublicity at 843-808-0859 or email

Dottie Laster Speaks at Film Screening About Human Trafficking in Texas

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  1. Great post! And the Unitarian Universalist Society is an all inclusive welcoming group! I used to be involved with them in CT!

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