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Dottie Laster and Nick Hart of Bound No More Appear on PI’s Declassified

Bound No More, Dottie Laster

Bound No More, Dottie Laster


Thursday, June 12, 2014 PI’s Declassified’s host Francie Koehler welcomes Bound No More partners, Dottie Laster and Nick Hart to talk about their joint venture to find missing persons who are indicated to be victims of trafficking.

PI’s Declassified can be heard on Voice America Variety Channel every Thursday at 9am Pacific, 11am Central and noon Eastern times.

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Combining the skills of “Trafficking’s Unlikely AngelDottie Laster, CEO of Laster Global Consulting and Private Investigator and Pastor, Nick Hart and their team, the Bound No More project is committed to assisting families in the identity and rescue of their loved ones from trafficking.

Trafficking takes on several forms, sex trafficking and prostitution, labor, immigration, and even cults. Bound No More has had success in the short time since their inception in March. They were able to find and rescue a young man taken to Mexico and forced to work, as well as a recent case of a young girl lured away from a shelter and found being held against her will not far away. In both cases the victims were returned unharmed to their families.

Bound No More is the intersection of human trafficking of all forms and missing persons. The fact is that all victims of trafficking are also missing persons, whether originally abducted, or more commonly, lured away from their familiar circle of family and friends. Unfortunately, most are not reported to authorities as missing persons, therefore, no one is looking for them.

Bound No More is available to work directly with families or through organizations across the country who deal with missing persons and human trafficking. Keep up with them on their FACEBOOK PAGE

PI's Declassified

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 Dottie Laster and Nick Hart of Bound No More Appear on PI’s Declassified


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