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Shattered Lives: Karen Beaudin author of true story, A Child is Missing

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As I walked into the house, the scene I beheld was like something out of a movie. Every eye turned toward me, but no one spoke a word. “What’s wrong?” As tears ran down my sister’s face, she said, with a voice filled with sobs, “Kathy’s dead; she’s been murdered.” from A Child is Missing

A Child is Missing, Karen Beaudin, Shattered Lives, ImaginePublicityFrom the haunting cover to the words written inside, Karen Beaudin tells the story of the abduction, rape, and murder of her sister, Kathy Gloddy, with honor, respect, often grueling pain, and always with sisterly love.

Shattered Lives Radio guest for the hour, Karen Beaudin, will not only give listeners a glimpse into the anguish of losing a loved one to violent crime, but the aftermath and its effect on her life.

In A Child is Missing, Karen Beaudin writes about the horrifying night her sister went to the store accompanied by her dog, Tasha, and never returned. Tasha came home acting quite strange, almost frantic, but Karen did not. That’s when the family realized something was terribly wrong. Kathy was found a couple days later in the woods located near the small New Hampshire town of Franklin. The case went cold, no suspects arrested, and no justice found.

The effects of the murder and loss of Kathy rippled through the family over the years.

Karen Beaudin, A Child is Missing, Shattered Lives Radio, ImaginePublicity

Karen Beaudin

Since her sister’s brutal death, Karen became a staunch advocate for the establishment of cold case units within law enforcement agencies and speaks publicy about the importance of justice to those left behind. Like pieces of a puzzle the years brought more and more information forth to investigators, but never the one piece with resolution.

Karen’s case has never been solved, although there were suspects on the radar, justice for Kathy has not been served.

To order an author signed copy of A Child is Missing, and to read Karen’s blog,  please refer to her website for details: KarenBeaudin.Com

Shattered Lives: Karen Beaudin author of true story, A Child is Missing

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