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Shattered Lives: I’ve Had Enough of Bullying! Jamie Isaacs Speaks Out

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The guests for the hour on Shattered Lives Radio are Jamie Isaacs and her mother Anne, outstanding advocates in the anti-bullying arena.

As an 8 year old who loved school, Jamie Isaacs began being bullied by her best friend and others, and it didn’t stop at the end of the school year.  The bullying escalated into subsequent school years when her friend recruited several others to band together and continued to threaten harm to others who befriended her.

Jamie’s mother Anne Isaacs said she knew her daughter was being bullied, but at a loss as to how to effectively handle the situation.

“It was very upsetting and painful,” she said. “I had no idea that the bullying and torment would last six years and total 22 kids, both boys and girls, harassing Jamie on a daily basis.” She added, “I didn’t realize how the whole house would be turned upside down because of little kids. I didn’t realize that our health would later become compromised due to the daily abuse and stress.”

Trying to reconcile with the school administrators and parents, Anne and Jamie Isaacs seemed to hit brick walls everywhere they turned, and eventually she was withdrawn from school. At that point the bullies began targeting Jamie’s brother.jamie_bookcover_165

The schools didn’t want to take appropriate action against the bullies, a problem throughout the US, so Jamie did her own research and found several ways to help the issue, including legislation.

Carrying the pain of a scared, frightened, and yet angry little girl, Jamie set out to make changes about the way children were being treated by their bullying peers and created the Jamie Isaacs Foundation to become the voice for those whose voices were muted. At a young age, Jamie has become a changer in the field of anti-bullying as a speaker, author, and law maker!

For complete information and Jamie’s story, she has written a book, In Jamie’s Words. Take a few minutes to view the trailer and hear Jamie tell you about it, In Jamie’s Words:

Shattered Lives: I’ve Had Enough of Bullying! Jamie Isaacs Speaks Out


  1. Thank you Jueseppi for sharing on Obama Crat! Shattered Lives Radio has over two years worth of excellent radio shows in the archives as well as lots of great offerings on and that appears to fit your mission. Hope you’ll review more and subscribe. Ladyjustice

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