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The Roth Show Tuesday Edition: Private Investigation of Wrongful Convicitons

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 in the second hour of The Roth Show, Dr. Laurie Roth welcomes guests Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin of Management Resources LTD of NY, a private investigation firm that recently assisted in winning freedom for a man wrongly incarcerated for almost 25 years.

Kim Anklin, Jonathan Fleming, Bob Rahn

Kim Anklin, Jonathan Fleming, Bob Rahn

The wrongful conviction and recent exoneration of Jonathan Fleming quickly made headlines across the US and globally. What many of the major news outlets didn’t cover was the back story of the year-long investigation.

Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin were first approached by the Fleming family after many attempts were made through legal channels, and other private investigators, to prove Fleming’s innocence, one of several cases awaiting rulings within the Brooklyn, NY District Attorney’s office. They were able to uncover crucial evidence, re-interview key witnesses, and turn their findings over to the Conviction Integrity Unit and the District Attorney, resulting in a favorable ruling and Fleming’s freedom.

For background information on the case, please read:

Part I of The Wrongful Conviction of Jonathan Fleming

Part II of The Wrongful Conviction of Jonathan Fleming

As a consequence of their work with Jonathan Fleming, Rahn and Anklin have been besieged with calls from other families with a member they believe to be unjustly incarcerated . This has given Rahn and Anklin yet another insight into the issue of wrongful convictions, the cycle created by this egregious flaw of the criminal justice system. None of the families who have called have funds to hire the investigators, most from low-income backgrounds, others who used their money and resources in the original trial and defense of the person convicted.

Bob Rahn says, “There must be a way to equitably assist these people. We are looking into any and all options for resources to offer up to these families.”

The other end of the spectrum for those wrongfully convicted is, if they are lucky enough to be exonerated, when released there are little resources and support, in fact less than they would receive if they served an entire sentence and were paroled, all for a crime they didn’t commit.

Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin are principles of Management Resources, a full service licensed professional private investigative firm, serving attorneys, corporations, insurance companies and private clients since 1994. Licensed in New York and New Jersey, NYC private investigators consist of former NYPD detectives as well as Crime and Intelligence Analysts, all with extensive experience and expertise.

For detailed information about the services offered by Management Resources, visit the website: www.NYSleuth.Com

Management Resources LTD of NY

The Roth Show Tuesday Edition: Private Investigation of Wrongful Convicitons

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