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What can a Private Investigative Firm offer your company?

There are many things to consider when hiring a private investigator, especially for your business dealings. Most business owners don’t realize that by investing in prevention of corporate crime, they would save much more in future assets.

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The last thing a CEO of a thriving corporation needs to concern themselves with is how to find and hire a private investigator. Or is it? Why would they need the services of a licensed private investigator?

The truth is that in the world we live in, a professional investigator is just as important to the corporate management team as their attorney, human resource manager, or accountant.

There are many services that a private investigative firm can offer corporate clients. Here are just a few:

Employment Background Check

Background checks should be conducted on new applicants as well as tenured employees.

A typical background search will include social security and address verification, criminal conviction histories, driving records, professional licensing verification, any records of bankruptcy, liens or judgments, and if necessary, credit report histories.

A properly completed background check can reduce the risk of identity theft, information theft and property theft…

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