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Change Already! with Jillian: Wrap Up of Series, “Spiritual Trends” Beyond the Pews

Change Already with Jillian, Jillian Maas Backman, ImaginePublicity

Change Already with Jillian, Jillian Maas Backman, ImaginePublicity

Listen LIVE to Change Already! with Jillian

Jillian Maas Backman is introducing a new series of radio shows examining “spiritual trends.”

Throughout mankind’s existence there has been a search for a connection to “higher universal power.” History shows us over the ages through various prophets, messengers, and writings that the one true message that transcends above all is love, but how that translates into accepted practices has been the subject of wars and persecution through the ages. Perhaps even the splintering of historical mainstream religions was caused by man’s search for that connection and trends, or even new religious beliefs, began to emerge as civilization began to change.

Listen to Podcasts of the series:

Show #1 Spiritual Trends, What Does it Mean?

Show #2 Don’t Chase Shiny Objects, Guest: Robin Smith on Reiki and Shaminism

Show #3 Spiritual Trends, Living the Spiritual La Vita Loca,

Show #4 Spiritual Trends, When Religion Goes Wrong, Dr. Laurie Roth

Show #5 Spiritual Activism with Andrew Harvey

Show #6 Kate King Jewellry, Gems, Crystals, and Stones

Show #7 Spiritual Trends, What’s True, What’s Not


As described in her book, Beyond the Pews: Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown, there is a movement towards combining the spiritual aspects of east and west, ancient and new, and the pursuit of inner wellness. Readers of the book, which is not necessarily a how to or self-help book, are given specific lessons on how to best use their personal intuitive messages to discover the intentions of the soul, while respecting and connecting with their traditional religious teachings.

  • What new practices have become acceptable in mainstream religious circles, and what has not?
  • What spiritual trends are offering long lasting effects on the lives of those who practice them and seek more knowledge?
  • How have recent spiritual trends caused harmony among those who practice?
  • Have some spiritual trends actually been harmful, causing controversy in mainstream religions?
  • Have spiritual trends become pop culture?

What spiritual trends are popular and why?

Self-help books and lectures saturate the marketplace, all with an internal message for those seeking answers to their own shortcomings.  Those who have risen to the top have created an industry rife with products aimed at bringing more enlightenment to the spiritual seeker, something tangible in an intangible belief system.

Cultures all over the world have embraced their particular brand of spirituality and the fusion of belief systems offers humans a solution to their emotional and spiritual well-being. But, when and where is the intersection of religion and spirituality, and how is it to be practiced?

For those seeking solutions to their personal spiritual life, looking for a closer walk with God, or sorting out their own personal belief system, there is a trend in one stop “shopping” throughout the country as more and more are stepping beyond what they’ve learned via mainstream religions. Is one spiritual trend more popular at a given time, or has it perhaps been marketed more successfully?

What is considered a spiritual trend?

As the adage says, “anything old becomes new again” can often times be used to describe some modern-day spiritual trends with roots in ancient beliefs and practices, from any corner of the universe. Some trends last for thousands of years, while it seems others become popular for a short time, and some are a rehash of a particular practice that goes by a different name. Is there a recycling of spirituality?

What will listeners learn from this series on spiritual trends?

Through discussion and conversation with her guests, Jillian hopes to explore some of the specific trends that are in the recent forefront. Each week she will present information from those considered experts in their field to give listeners a better understanding about topics that are at times mystical, non secular, yet perhaps divine. For those in a spiritual quest, this series promises to be an enlightening journey.

Jillian Maas Backman is available for individual and group consultations, as well as internet and telephone meetings. To schedule time with Jillian refer to her website for availability, locations and pricing.  JillianMaasBackman.Com To schedule Jillian to speak at your next event, contact ImaginePublicity, Tel: 843-808-0859 Email: contact@imaginepublicity.com

Change Already! with Jillian: Wrap Up of Series, “Spiritual Trends” Beyond the Pews


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