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Shattered Lives Exclusive! “Mr. Madam” Goes Public

Shattered Lives Radio, John Pace, The Redemption of Mr. Madam

Shattered Lives Radio, Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice

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Exclusively on Shattered Lives Radio, Former male madam goes public!

Shattered Lives Radio has touched upon the issue of human trafficking in the past, but one area that hasn’t been given much discussion is from the perspective of a former “male madam”

John Pace has agreed to exclusively give Shattered Lives Radio listeners the first, and rare, opportunity to learn about the other side of “the business” and, as a reformed male madam, how he uses his experience to educate others about the pitfalls of trafficking and how to recognize what may be going on in your own suburban backyard.

What is a male madam? Just as the female counterpart, he is the one who procures girls for sale to male buyers, a very lucrative business otherwise known as sex trafficking. Often considered a victimless crime, guest John Pace will shed light on the many ways those recruited into this business are forever victimized by it, and how we, as a society, set up our males to pay for sex.

“I plan to introduce sex trafficking euphemisms that every law enforcement officer and sex trafficking activist should know,” Pace said. “My focus will be on new criminal tendencies employed by sex traffickers. I plan to present a detailed layout of the methods white-collar traffickers use to trap college students.”

John Pace, Former Male Madam

John Pace was a well-known, successful promoter and industry leader within NFL and NBA franchises, and his company World-Class Events Management generated millions in advertising and sales, owning over 20 event properties. Pace was an award-winning marketing and events manager, a consultant to such companies as Coors Brewing Company, Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch, and RJR Nabisco.

In 2006 his company collapsed and Pace spiraled down into a dark place in his business and personal life, leading him into the world of sex trafficking where he, once again, became successful. During this time he owned three houses of prostitution in Ohio and Michigan, and recruited over 200 girls to work as “escorts.”

After a few short years, Pace made the decision to return to his evangelical Christian roots and family life, gave up the sex trafficking business, and currently works with anti-human trafficking organizations across the country.  He is the author of two upcoming volumes of The Redemption of Mr. Madam which discloses for the first time his experience in the underbelly of the sex trade. In his presentations he touches on such sensitive topics as, Why is she selling it? Why is he buying it? and Prostitution 202, and offers solutions to each question.

John Pace will be presenting in his first public appearance at the Charlotte AHEC Human Trafficking Conference on April 4, 2014. Also joining the show will be representatives from the conference to give listeners all the information needed to attend and learn from those in the anti-human trafficking field.

For detailed information about the Charlotte AHEC Human Trafficking Conference refer to the website: CharlotteAHEC.ORG

For more information about John Pace refer to his website:  JohnPace.Org





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