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Private Investigators are Not Just Snoops!

Management Resources LTD of NY, Private Investigators

Once portrayed as the pipe smoking detective with a magnifying glass snooping for clues to solve the next big case, private investigators and their arsenal of investigative tools have come a long way since the days of the infamous Sherlock Holmes.

Management ResourcesManagement Resources LTD of NY principles, Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin, run a top notch investigative team, qualified to support litigating attorneys in locating witnesses, obtaining statements, taking photographs and securing the necessary evidence to insure that justice is served.

Currently involved in the high profile cases of wrongful conviction in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, Management Resources is assembling new evidence and witnesses for the case of Jonathan Fleming, incarcerated for 23 years. Fleming’s is among dozens of cases stemming from possible flawed initial investigations which led to convictions.

Celebrating 20 years since the company was founded in 1994, former law enforcement investigators, Rahn and Anklin, made significant advances for the company with the latest technologies and utilizing their combined skills to offer the best in investigative services.

A private investigator’s area of expertise has expanded beyond collecting evidence on cheating spouses, although a service still offered, individuals can contract Management Resources to assist and support with a variety of resources including missing persons cases, corporate and insurance fraud, civil rights, and electronic forensics. (complete list of services offered by Management Resources)

President of Management Resources, Bob Rahn says, “Since every investigation is unique we review and analyze each case and formulate an investigative plan to provide the client with their desired results. This goes to demonstrate how confident we are at our success in providing the best possible outcome for our clients. Management Resources Ltd of NY’s team of professionals has a combined experience of well over fifty years in the investigative and protection arenas. Our team-based structure, with each new case is headed by the President or Vice President – our clients are assured they are dealing directly with the owners.”

Executive Protection not just for celebrities

Being vulnerable and a safety risk is part of current society. How can risks be minimized when traveling to large cities or unfamiliar places?

Once reserved for executives, dignitaries, vips, and celebrities, close personal protection is available for anyone who may feel they, or their family, are susceptible to danger while traveling to New York City or New Jersey for business or pleasure.  Management Resources will perform a professional threat assessment which determines the level of risk and what level of protection is needed. An action plan is then implemented using resources, personnel, and equipment required.

Management Resources is a full service licensed professional private investigative firm, contributing to attorneys, corporations, insurance companies and private clients in all areas of investigative and intelligence analysis in primarily New York City and surrounding areas. For a free consultation call 800-490-2267 or through the website contact page.


Private Investigators are Not Just Snoops!


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