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The Roth Show: Crime, Corruption, and Wrongdoers on Wednesdays

Dr. Laurie Roth, The Roth Show

Join Dr. Laurie Roth weekdays at 7-10pm Pacific, 10pm-1am Eastern

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Each Wednesday for 3 hours Dr. Laurie Roth holds conversations with those in the know about particular crimes,criminals, issues, corruption, and wrongdoing.

Hour #1 Bill Hearn – Privacy by Deception

Often victims of crime or violence must find a way to safely escape someone who may be tracking their every move. Finding a place of safety is no easy feat in the age of information and the internet. Searches can be easily conducted online, or even through social media sites such as Facebook, and everything you DON’T want someone to know is there.

Guest Bill Hearn is founder of Confidential Sources who began his Investigative career in 1975 in the United States Air Force where he worked in a security capacity. Shortly thereafter he completed training at the Security Technical Services, an investigative training institute headquartered in Oakland, California. He is currently specializing in process serving, judgment recovery, family reunion, asset/information locates, field contact services, and bail recovery support services in the Seattle, WA area.

Hour #2 Patty and Amy Grove – Experiencing The Church of Wells

Dr. Laurie Roth has recently written a series of articles questioning the controversial Church of Wells located in Wells, Texas. Andy and Patty Grove have been trying desperately to see their daughter, Catherine Grove, but have not been successful. Why not? Catherine has denounced her parents, but many feel she may have been coerced by elders of the church. Catherine mysteriously disappeared from her stable, loving family after much contact with members of the church, and when her family went to Wells, TX to visit her, they were shocked and surprised by the reception they received.

Another daughter, Amy, was close to being lost as well when she made contact with church members to see her sister. Listen to the show to hear of Amy’s harrowing experience.

Hour #3 Dottie Laster – Human Trafficking at the Super Bowl?

Once again Dottie Laster of Laster Global Consulting and the Bernardo Kohler Center joins the show to discuss yet another aspect of human trafficking.

Anytime there is a large gathering, convention or sporting event, there is much money to be made in the sex industry. People come from all over to a strange city or resort area and do things they wouldn’t dream of doing in their own backyard. Many times demeanors change, the alcohol and drugs are free flowing, and sex is for sale; a trafficker’s dream come true!

What is being done in cities hosting such events? Is it enough? What should local businesses and residents be looking for, and how can they help or report what they see or suspect?

Dottie Laster is one of the nation’s leading advocates for human trafficking victims, a certified and experienced trainer to law enforcement and advocates across the country, and one who has clearly taken up the issue of awareness and education of human trafficking globally.  Laster has been involved in the rescue and restoration of over 200 victims across the country, and through the Bernardo Kohler Center she is accredited to practice immigration law.

Laster is available for speaking engagements, presentations, and training for both the general public and law enforcement officials.


The Roth Show: Crime, Corruption, and Wrongdoers on Wednesdays

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