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The Roth Show: Hour 1 Jeff Mudgett on Bloodstains, Hour 2 Dottie Laster on the State of Immigrant Children in the US

The Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

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The Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

On Wednesday’s crime segment Dr. Laurie Roth gets update from BLOODSTAINS author, Jeff Mudgett and delves into the issue of what happens to immigrant children with Dottie Laster!

Hour 1: Jeff Mudgett updates news about BLOODSTAINS and the identity of Jack the Ripper!

Jeff Mudgett, Bloodstains, ImaginePublicity

Jeff Mudgett

Jeff Mudgett, author of BLOODSTAINS and great, great, grandson of America’s most prolific serial killer, H. H. Holmes, makes a return visit to The Roth Show to talk more about his nefarious ancestor and update listeners on steps moving forward for more exposure of the theories written about in BLOODSTAINS.

Chapter 23 of BLOODSTAINS is devoted to the exposure of specific evidence that H. H. Holmes may also be the infamous Jack the Ripper. Readers will see how the threads are woven in such a way that a complete picture emerges, and evidence to support Mudgett’s theory.

For those not familiar with H. H. Holmes and his “Murder Castle” built during the  construction of the  World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, Jeff Mudgett’s book, BLOODSTAINS, tells the story from a completely new angle, a personal history combined with methodical research into an ancestor no one would willingly claim. Herman Webster Mudgett was a swindler, a con man, a womanizer and, at his worst, H. H. Holmes, the most atrocious serial killer of all time.

At age 40, Jeff Mudgett learned that he was descended from this incarnation of evil and set out to investigate what was known, and unknown, about his nefarious great-great-grandfather. The result was BLOODSTAINS.

Purchase a copy of BLOODSTAINS directly from the website: 

Hour 2: Dottie Laster and what happens to immigrant children in the US

Dottie Laster, Laster Global Consulting,Human Trafficking,ImaginePublicity

Dottie Laster

Dottie Laster will discuss the epidemic of immigrant juveniles and the specific problems faced among one of the most underserved segments of the population. Joining Dottie is David Walding who heads up the Casitas Program through the Bernardo Kohler Center.

 “We assist juveniles, families, and the state in navigating the complex intersection of family and immigration law, identifying the best route for meeting the juveniles’ immigration needs, and training the broader legal community in these proceedings. Unaccompanied Alien Children are one of the most underserved areas of immigration law, with over 50% going unrepresented, facing deportation and possible separation from family. It is also one of the most complex areas, making our services vital to the well being of these minors.”

Dottie Laster is one of the nation’s leading advocates for human trafficking victims, a certified and experienced trainer to law enforcement and advocates across the country, and one who has clearly taken up the issue of awareness and education of human trafficking globally.  Laster has been involved in the rescue and restoration of over 200 victims across the country, and through the Bernardo Kohler Center she is accredited to practice immigration law.

Dottie Laster has been featured in The Cantinera Documentary, Texas Monthly, MORE Magazine and all major networks and news programming. She has been instrumental in the rescue and restoration of hundreds of trafficking victims over her years of service. Most recently she is involved in shooting the pilot for an upcoming television show tentatively titled Project Red Light.

Laster is available for speaking engagements, presentations, and training for both the general public and law enforcement officials.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent show with two of my favorite people! Jeff – such a fascinating guy with many true sagas to impart! Immigrant children… Who talks about them? Dottie is a ground breaker! LJ

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