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Shattered Lives: Intimate Partner Homicide and Liza’s Lifeline

Liza's Lifeline, Shattered LIves, Donna R. Gore, Doug Warner

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice”

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

According to the latest statistics released in 2013, South Carolina is rated #1 in the nation for deaths attributed to domestic violence, otherwise known as intimate partner homicide. Unfortunately, South Carolina has consistently been in the top ten and there doesn’t seem to be much progress being made utilizing standard operations found in organizations and shelter systems across the state.

In 2004, Liza Ellen Warner’s death was one which contributed to the above mentioned statistics.

Liza's Lifeline, Shattered LIves, Donna R. Gore, Doug Warner

Wishing to find a way to honor Liza’s life and continue to make it meaningful, her father and step mother, Doug and Shirley Warner, founded Liza’s Lifeline as a way to bring more awareness and provide needed resources to others caught in the web of domestic violence.

Shattered Lives is proud to host Doug Warner to discuss the issue of intimate partner homicide and ways to provide better resources to abused women and men with the hope of preventing further tragedies through Liza’s Lifeline.

The Warner’s Story

“HE DID IT, DAD. HE FINALLY KILLED HER.”Liza's Lifeline, Intimate Partner Homicide, Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore

That is how we learned that our beautiful 29-year-old daughter’s husband had murdered her. Liza Ellen Warner was shot to death on October 1, 2004. Her death affected so many people, including her family, friends, clients and community.

Liza was a very beautiful, loving, generous daughter and a successful hairstylist at a top salon in upstate New York. She was a wizard at styling hair, but more than that, she had a way of making everyone feel special. She had trained in NYC and hoped to someday live and work there……read Liza’s complete story

Since 2008 Liza’s Lifeline has been a viable and active non-profit providing the following resources to the community:

Financial Assistance

  • Liza’s Lifeline raises funds to provide financial assistance to victims of domestic violence. In order to receive funds, requests must be made by local victim advocates and other domestic violence agencies.
  • Our goal is to assist victims and fill in the gaps of existing financial services available.

Pet Program

  • Liza’s Lifeline has partnered with Charleston Animal Society, Pet Helpers and Planet Bark to foster care pets while a victim is in transition to a safe place. Please contact us for more information.

Public Speaking

  • Liza’s Lifeline is very active in the community and speaks about domestic violence to raise awareness. If you are interested, please contact usfor more information.


  • We provide educational programming concerning domestic violence and resources through community events and outreach.
  • Liza’s Lifeline continuously works to increase public awareness of domestic violence.

Collaboration and Networking

  • Through collaboration with other organizations and agencies, we assist in complimenting their existing services.
  • Liza’s Lifeline assists in the efforts to improve South Carolina laws and policies regarding domestic violence.

Shattered Lives: Intimate Partner Homicide and Liza’s Lifeline

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